Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Myers Mask

Kinda stoked that the mask in the film looks a lot like my first high-end Myers mask from the old mask company Cemetery Gate Productions.  Made from very thick latex, the features always reminded me almost of doll-like features.  But I'm thinking of bringing it out of retirement for the newly-established annual tradition of the post-Halloween neighborhood walkabout (mind you, ALL of this could just be pre-Halloween-trailer nonsense and excitement talking).

Me on the right....back in 2003.


Jay's Shadow said...

Man, I’m telling ya, I’d PAY for you to show up at my house and scare the crap out of my wife.

It would be YouTube material for sure.

Theo said...

I think you should keep it on for the whole Halloween season :)

Rot said...

ha...i just might.

girl6 said...

wear it when you make a Saturday afternoon trip to Michael's Crafts in October. or to Feeney's Nursery. hahahaha. a cornstalk run. i've worn my Ace Frehley KISS makeup to the 7-Eleven. hahahha. SO much fun!!!

didn't your pop rip one of your MM masks?.
than man is a menace. : (

Rot said...

he did indeed. ruined my FIRST myers mask..THE FACE, as i believe it was called.
had terrible hair, but at the time, it was the singular greatest myers mask. my first love.
KILLED by my dad.

the brute.

Rot said...


The Gill-Man said...

I have it on fairly good authority that the new mask is primarily based on one of Justin Mabry's sculpts from Trick Or Treat Studios. They used one of his masks as the model for the base sculpt, then studied the deterioration on masks that were roughly the age the original one was. They didn't use the original mask's deterioration as a guide, because it has been subjected to much different environmental factors than the fictional mask. They tried to get the look of a mask that has been kept in the dark, crumpled up in a box full of evidence. Mostly intact, but wrinkled from not being properly stored.