Monday, June 25, 2018

On Shudder

Anyone have it?
Is it great?

Click below for the trailer for The Last Drive-In.


brandon_2385 said...

Shudder is a godsend. There's classic and modern horror including original TV shows and exclusive events like this. It's worth the $4 a month.

If you want to try it out, when you sign up, use the promo code SHOCK and you'll get 30 days free trial instead of the usual 7 day trial!

- Brandon

Jay's Shadow said...

Wow. I remember watching Joe Bob Briggs when I was younger.

I feeling old again...........

ScottT said...

My favorite feature on Shudder is the live feed. If you can't decide what to watch, just throw on the live feed and see what they are playing. Joe Bob's show will be on the live feed. Shudder is awesome and this is awesome.