Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lost Themes

More on the upcoming release by John Carpenter:

As is Carpenter’s style, repetition is the key to the thundering power of these tracks, their energy swirling with shredding chords, soaring organs, unnerving pianos and captivating percussion. Singularly titled to inspire dread with such names as “Vortex,” “Dominion,” “Abyss,” and “Purgatory,” but all linked into a unified whole, Lost Themes has a mesmerizing power. Horror fans will be reminded of Carpenter’s past works, as well as ancestors like Mike Oldfeld’s Tubular Bells and the raging guitars and chiming percussion of Goblin’s Suspiria. “’Both classical music and rock and roll are part of my musical language, which is riff-driven,” Carpenter explains. “So if you listen carefully, I’m sure you can hear some echoes from my past. But I’m sure that’s true of any composer. You just bring your music along with you.”
These Lost Themes will doubtlessly inspire listeners to materialize their own eerily atmospheric dimensions, musical lands inspired by John Carpenter’s motifs, even as the composer-director looks ahead with excitement towards brave new musical worlds he can explore. “The best way I can describe what we’ve done is that it’s a ‘soundtrack sampler,’ which is what Cody calls it. They’re little moments of score from movies made in our imaginations. Now I hope it inspires people to create films that could be scored with this music."

  1. Vortex
  2. Obsidian
  3. Fallen
  4. Domain
  5. Mystery
  6. Abyss
  7. Wraith
  8. Purgatory
  9. Night
 More info here.


highbury said...

Yep, I'm all over this one!

On a side note, I also just ordered the Death Waltz Halloween III deluxe vinyl reissue with 5 newly discovered tracks. Patiently waiting for its arrival...

Rot said...

an excellent side note : )

VERY cool

The Creeping Cruds said...

Bowling Green's finest...
JC was having bar bites at the Nashville Morton's recently. I was too chicken to say anything to him.
Thanks for the heads up on this collection..