Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now Playing: Haunted Bayou

By Base Burners, on Halloween at High Noon records.

Click below:


Necropolis said...

Really digging this track. Thanks for exposing me/us to it.

Rot said...


It's really such a great alternative to the usually-played tracks found on seasonal collections.

Their first and second albums are a must-have.

liddell said...

I always love your musical posts, and listen to them all, so thanks for that. I've been a long time lurker without commenting, but I heard this song earlier and just had to share it here.

Rot said...

Wow. Thanks.

THAT is cool.
And very unnerving. But not too much so.

Chad Savage / Sinister Visions said...

Thanks to your post, I went and purchased 3 volumes of "Halloween at High Noon". From what I'm hearing so far, I'll probably buy whatever else there is. Thanks for this!!