Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soul Catcher

Jerry from created a Soul Catcher jar based off of the Soul Jars I featured a while back.

He has a beautiful yard haunt and a wonderful site and blog, and now a new sub-site featuring Village 101.

Click below to see a how-to on his Soul Catcher prop:

And click here for:


Jay's Shadow said...

You just started a trend of witch and soul catcher jars! You are the Halloween inspiration.

I started to do my own kind of jars with elmers glue and black paint....not sure if I like them though.

Rot said...

The cool thing about witch jars is that they always look great at night. Some of mine from the Corn Witch display were VERY rushed and pretty basic. And they still looked creepy. said...

wow! that soul catcher is cool. I've been trying to think of ways to create a small version of the Container of Devil from the movie Prince of Darkness, spinning and everything. This looks like a way to do it.

Rot said...

An illuminated and painted glass within a glass might work. Getting it to spin ...i have no idea..

The black and green paint could be swirled to run sideways so when it's spinning it'll look natural.

Michaels sells a lot of inexpensive glass containers that are cylinder-shaped.