Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Image source.

And some video (different volcano).


FoolishCop said...

Love the picture, but how the heck did we both choose the same one?

On a post on my blog that I started drafting last night (and put up just a few minutes ago) I wanted to dramatize the potential weather the Farmer's Alamanc says we'll have this Halloween (okay, let's hope it's not as bad as this). This is the lead picture I chose in the post. Spooky.

Now if my corpses would only come out as similar to yours... ;>


Rot said...

Dunno...that's crazy.

Anonymous said...

I had this pic and a couple others like it on my blog awhile back, too. I am in awe of something as creepy and awesome as that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else get a Ray Bradbury feeling from this pic? Eh, maybe it's just me....

Rot said...

That's great actually.
I can totally see it.

Frost and Fire...or any of those planets of extremes in his writing.

Not really in this photo, but The Long Rain comes to mind...insofar as weather and Bradbury and inhuman conditions.