Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peter Vincent.

Vegas magician. Vampire Killer.

Yeah, that's Dr. Who's David Tennant as Peter Vincent in the new Fright Night remake.

Good Lord, deliver us.

Though I have a feeling at some point we'll see the real Peter Vincent underneath that Chris Angel facade. My favorite moment in the original film is when Roddy McDowall's Mr. Vincent is being asked for help from Charlie, who reminds him he's the great Peter Vincent. Peter Vincent confesses "That's a character in a movie! That's not even my real name. I'm terrified."


Haunted Eve said...

“Fright Night” is another 80's favorite of mine. It breathed new life into the vampire movie genre that was seriously hurting at the pint in time since the good old Hammer Horror Film days (for me Christopher Lee = Dracula) save maybe 1975’s “Lemora”. It’s a great story and other than for some outdated special effects, I don’t think it needs to be redone. Luckily, Tennant is one of my favorite Doctors and I can see why they would cast him in Roddy McDowall’s old roll. I think vampires have always been my favorite monster character and thus why we have dedicated two yard haunts to that specific theme over the years. Witches are another favorite of mine. They have always given me the creeps; especially after a “practical joke” my grandmother pulled on me one Halloween when I was only around 5 years old. She had dressed in a witch costume with a grotesque latex mask and hands and showed up at our front door masquerading as a trick-or-treator. I was handing out candy under the supervision of my mother and placed the candy in the witch’s bag. The witch then pushed the door aside and with her hands clawing came towards me. I was scared beyond belief and ran to my mother crying who was also startled and concerned. At that point my grandmother revealed herself, telling us that my grandfather had pulled the car around the block so as to not tip us off that it was her. It may not have been funny to me at the moment, but I can look back now over time and can appreciate that moment as a great Halloween scare! I think that was my first exposure to the “trick” element of Halloween.

Rot said...

Awesome memory!

Really really great.

The Frog Queen said...


I think that might be scarier than spiders :D