Monday, September 13, 2010

The Sunshine Shed

Some new additions to The Sunshine Shed's Halloween offerings.

Great company. I'm a very satisfied customer of the Shed.


Sara said...

With every new post you are putting up, I'm getting more excited for the 31st. I love me some rusty Halloween yard pieces!

After not checking your blog this weekend, I was delighted at all the posts. Keep up the great links!

Rot said...

Glad you're digging. : )

I've been having a hard time finding good solid Halloween material. It always happens right before each Halloween.

Costume Bot said...

Their work looks nice but as I sadly discovered after placing my order, some of their items take up to six weeks to receive! This seems crazy for seasonal items as i had picked out fifty or sixty bucks worth of stuff only to end up cancelling all but one item they had in stock (or so they said - I've yet to receive it). Great if you order your Halloween goodies in August. *sigh* On the plus side, they were very nice about the whole thing. Maybe next year.

Rot said...

That really stinks.

Yeah, seasonal stuff should be ready to ship.