Sunday, September 19, 2010


After checking out the scarecrows, I picked up this awesome find. The last one in the store. A Trick-or-Treat scented candle, with the rich dark scent of chocolate and candy corn, and other sweet things. Like a sack of candy at the end of a long Halloween night.


Horror Guy said...

Where can one find this candle at?

Old Fashion Halloween said...

That sounds incredible.

Rot said...

Not really sure. I tried to find the manufacturer online, but the label seems to suggest that it makes these candles solely for that shop. So many neat scents too...Pilgrim Pie, Southern Charm, Vanilla Pumpkin, Clove Bud, ...and they all smelled really cool and mysterious...not artificial or overpowering. I still can't place the other notes in the Trick-or-treat one....which I dig. I hope I never figure it out.