Saturday, March 17, 2018

Demon House

We rented Zak Bagans' film Demon House today and loved it.  If you're a fan of Ghost Adventures, you'll definitely enjoy this documentary.  It's genuinely creepy, with some credible witness interviews that add to the general unease and spookiness.  I actually got full-on chills at one point. 

I highly recommend it.  Well worth the rental fee.


Jay's Shadow said...

I saw it was On Demand, But was hesitant to rent it.

Thanks for the review.

K.O. said...

Awesome; I'm so glad you mentioned this. The trailer looked so good that I was definitely curious. I'll have to check it out now.

girl6 said...

we ALMOST watched it!!!!
it was $6.99 at one spot & $8.99 at another. but, we held off. i'm trying to hold out & make it last. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! i do that sometimes. idk why. CAN'T wait but i don't want it to be over either...just like October every year. sigh.

Steven Blumke said...

I watched on YouTube last night (woke this morning and it had been removed so I think I got lucky) and was creeped out by it for the rest of the evening. Possession is the one thing that really scares me to the bone. When children are involved I find it so hard to just write it off as a hoax but of course I wasn't there. It's super hard when police, social workers, and doctors all tell the same story. Good share Rot- I had a difficult time falling asleep last night! (I actually enjoy that)