Saturday, March 10, 2018

Screw Computers


Autumnleaf said... more ways than one.

Willow Cove said...

Classic. More modern directors need to go back to practical effects.

Jay's Shadow said...

Totally agree.

CGI needs to be banned.

Rot said...

EVERY movie i loved growing up would be TOTALLY different had the film makers had the ability to do WHATEVER THEY WANTED... and i doubt we'd even discuss Raiders of the Lost Ark all these years later. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull - I rest my case.

girl6 said...

i am happy to say that two of my favourite directors have artistic integrity & actually care about their fans as well.

Guillermo Del Torro..shot those beautiful underwater scenes in..The Shape of Water as "dry for wet". NO world in a tank. just wires..fog..projection etc. it's been said, he made that movie look like a $60 million dollar masterpiece for less than 20. he likes to use CGI in ways that you would least in Hellboy, he used it to smooth out the wrinkles in Ron Perlman's padded rubber suit, so it would look like real muscle & skin, which it totally does. Guillermo is my heart.

James Gunn did the same thing with Drax in..Guardians of the Galaxy. Dave Bautista just puts on a t-shirt (with all the tattoo detail) & then the lines & wrinkles are CGI out to give Drax that nude skin look.

James Wan..goes out of his way NOT to use CGI. he uses very little. the crooked man scene from conjuring 2 is all practical effects, not a drop of CGI, pretty impressive creation & movement. he's also known for BIG movies on pretty small budgets. he also doesn't like using sets & he does his own editing.

he was recently unhappy with the whole underwater scene between Mera & Aquaman in the new Justice League movie. they're underwater talking in a "bubble" HAHAHAHA. SO bad. not a very good movie either. but, what could he do..he wasn't the director. however, he is the director on the Aquaman movie coming out & has promised his fans..NO convo bubbles in his movie. his underwater universe is going to be a very different one. i really admire him & love his work.