Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Strangers Prey At Night [Masks]

Love the burlap one.  Multi-functional a scarecrow, a killer, or use it on a scarecrow prop as the perfect head.

Click below for Trick or Treat Studios' awesome site:


Willow Cove said...

That's creepy....
Love that they use real burlap.

Pumpkin5 said...

Burlap smells like Halloween to me. I think it comes from my childhood and the haunted houses I went to as a kid and they always used tobacco sheets to separate the rooms in the temporary haunted house. That mix of burlap and cured tobacco smells brings back soooo many memories. :)

Jay's Shadow said...

You know there’s a psycho standing in front of you if they’re wearing that mask.

girl6 said...

that mask is creepy cool.
& it leaves plenty of room for personal embellishment if desired.

that poster!!!
man..he's got me all thinking of this dude for some reason.

crazy huh. : D

Rot said...

The Unknown Comic!
hahaha unreal.

there are photos of ME as a boy wearing a sport jacket and a paper bag in the family photo i was Portraying the Unknown Comic (in the photo)... oh the horror

girl6 said...

that's golden.

Jeff said...

Went to a Halloween dance as the unknown comic. I think it was 6th grade. Mickey Mouse t shirt under my blue blazer, if I recall correctly.