Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trailer: Fahrenheit 451

Long live Ray Bradbury...


girl6 said...

Where's Wallace?!?!?....HAHAHHAHA.. : D

wOw..that was chilling.
& it's got the Michaels'..LOVE those guys!!!
i liked the original. thought it was a neat idea having Julie Christie play dual parts. so clever to have the same actor portray such different characters. i'm looking forward to seeing what's up with this version.

that is one chilling novel. first time i read it..i sorta felt like i couldn't breathe. like this line..."Is it true that long ago firemen put fires out instead of going to start them?" man..c r e e p y.

really hit me hard when Ray passed away. so strange. never knew him. never even met him. But..his passing really took the wind outta me for a long time. i still feel really odd when i think about him not physically being here anymore. i always hoped to maybe meet him at a convention. he was SO lively. the friendship he shared with Ray Harryhausen is like stuff fairytales is made of.

“We made a pact together,” Bradbury once said of Harryhausen. “We said, ‘We’re gonna grow old, but we’ll never grow up. We’re going to stay 18, 19 years old and we’re gonna love dinosaurs forever.'” AND man..they really did it. they kept that pact to the end. they even died almost a year apart.

Ray is Halloween.
i have so many other favourites of his tho too.
Green Shadows, White Whale..Death is a Lonely Business..are kinda underrated i think.