Friday, March 30, 2018

Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show

Through the lens of Highbury Cemetery.

Click below for a ton of wonderful photos...  I blame this guy (and K.O.) for why I never feel a need to see these things in person...  Stealing a line from my old man - "Why do I need to go ANYWHERE?!  I have it all RIGHT HERE!"

Click below:


Jay's Shadow said...

It would be AMAZING to go to one of these.

girl6 said...

awwwwwwwwww man!!! SO Good.
i am so happy to see that IT & goats are still runnin tough, in a lot of people's imagination for inspiration. my personal faves tho..the ones i would LOVE to own are the burlap clown w/ the green hair..the real old school mummy & the "elephant man skelly" (i think that's what that is) in the standing coffin. i really gotta get Donna to make like a Boris mummy for me sometime. the Marie Laveau she made for me is outrageous Beautiful.

all these pics make me kinda miss going to the Haunter's Convention. this yrs Haunter's Convention/Halloween show is going to be held..May 18 19 20 in Atlantic City. they're callin it "The Halloween Boardwalk Empire" i'm really hoping that it's been revamped with some much needed positive love & artistic energy.

Oh & Rot..check out the Las Vegas weekly. your dude Zak on the cover surrounded by Donna's creations that she made for his museum. he's lookin good man.

Rot said...

just checked the cover out.
Fantastic. that is extremely cool to see her stuff with the Zak Haha

highbury said...

Highbury Cemetery: Saving People Money Since 2009 :) Thanks, Rot!

Rot said...


K.O. said...

Incredible photos!!! They really capture the event. Nice work!