Saturday, March 31, 2018

Long Live Ben Tramer

It has just occurred to me that if the next Halloween film assumes that only the first Halloween film (1978) existed in the Halloween films franchise universe - erasing all of the sequels -  that Ben Tramer was never murdered by a police car and burned to a crisp. 

I'm walking out of the theater if Laurie is now married to Ben Tramer.  Though I'm hoping it's like those Final Destination films where Fate eventually catches up to you, regardless of how hard you pretend your fiery death didn't occur between a van and a police car.

I'll high-five everyone in the theater if there IS a Ben Tramer in the new film, but only if he gets smashed and burned by the end of the film [and I hate people who high-five].

Ben Tramer happy to be alive (and squandering things already).


Rot said...

And i almost wrote "if Stink Breath is married to Ben Tramer"....on account of a nasty rumor Sara is spreading.

Jay's Shadow said...

Haha. I have never met you, but I can see you, after seeing Ben Tamer on the screen, standing up and holding your hands up for “high fives” and pronouncing rather loudly “YEAH! THERES MY BOY BOY BEN!”

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

Hmmmm, not sure, but I thought this new one picked up after part 2...I could be wrong, I mean...I'm a clown after all..

Sara said...

Lolol. I’m so glad I clicked to see which one person commented.

girl6 said...

Omggggg. look at that ben tramer. a chick magnet..sittin there on that couch.. lookin like Beavis..waitin for Butthead to show up!!!

i saw..Sarah Jessica Parker tryna high five Kelly Ripa & omg SJP totally missed Kelly's hand. what a doof that dumb trick is.

Vintage Seance said...

Hahaha! I love that you hate people who high-five!

Rot said...

LOATHE the high-five!

and don't get me started on people who clap when they laugh.