Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Now Playing: Ghostwood

By Taphephobia.


Jay's Shadow said...

Good Stuff.
Sitting in my room with the flue, watching the snow fall, and listening to this...........PERFECT.

Well, except for the flu part.

girl6 said...

this would be great companion music to that scene in "phantasm"..where mike slips thru the mausoleum portal into that crazy red otherverse & sees all those creepy little alien dwarves marching along. man that scene!!! two movies in one!!

yeah..yesterday's snowfall was pretty majestic & perfect. looked like big white fluffy feathers fallin outta the sky. we watched gialli all day & ate Sicilian pizza. mam..franco nero was one sexy ass foxy man. &&&..he STILL is too. mama mia!!!

Rot said...

sounds like a nice time.
I watched the snow hoping the power wouldn't go out.
ha I need to relax.