Friday, March 2, 2018

Victims And Transformations

Images by DSTRONG61.


girl6 said...

OLD School at it's Best!!!
i LOVE a figure wrapped up in a spider web. we always wrap one up every year at the kids Halloween party at the Free Library. it's just an old guard's uniform stuffed with plastic bags for shape (wearing a ghoul mask) all wrapped up in a spider web. then we hang it right below the giant prefab web that hangs from the iron balcony. the final touch is all the little spiders, some big tarantula's & the one GIANT spider in the center of the web. always looks like a million bucks on a poor man's budget.

& that WereWolf!!!!!!
LOVED every pic in this Haunt.

no baggans today?

Rot said...

no baggans...fell short on time.

and yeah, this haunt.
that bloody pumpkin guy....absolutely love it.
that really spoke to me.

girl6 said...

i thought i had my days mixed up again.
& i'm sure they're enjoying their day off.
stompin around out there in the bad weather together. little buggers. : )

that pumpkin boy IS SO the season & the movie!!!

Jay's Shadow said...

Love the wolf man.
So perfect.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah I love the bloody pumpkin kid. The werewolf pose is me when all of the Reese's are gone from the candy bowl!

Vintage Seance said...

These made my day, so nostalgic and cool!

Denise Strong said...

Thanks guys for the kind comments! Rot I can't thank you enough for posting my pics, made my day for sure, especially since I am always showing off your work to anyone who mentions Halloween lol. I'm still obsessed with your Corn Witch set up. It's my absolute favorite of all your work, not to mention the Tin Man, simply genius. Thanks again guys! Happy Haunting!