Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Now Playing: Explosions In A Four Chambered Heart

A beautiful song by a favorite group - Moon Ate the Dark.

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More Basement Shots...

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

2020 Vs 2021

Man, I love Halloween.  It's the most incredible and bizarre holiday.  Strangers visit strangers for candy, and hopefully a scare.  We mock death by putting out fake tombstones and corpses.  We hang ghosts and witches and fake spider webs.  We hollow out pumpkins to greet our guests with flickering features.  We create tiny worlds on our lawns and porches.  And we laugh when we hear the screams.  And the screams always turn into laughs.  

That Time Richie Saw A Headless Ghost

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Now Playing: Liquid Fire

By Void Stasis.  Never heard of this ambient project before, but I like it.

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Trailer: The Found Footage Phenomenon

Hoping Mr. Jones is a part of this documentary.  Streaming Thursday on Shudder.

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Thanks, Wren!

Now Playing: Haunted Cathouse

By Nekromantix.

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Thanks again, Wren!  It's going to be fun posting stuff like this on the blog.  

Dark Decor And Neon

Amazing photos below (and at the link at the bottom).  

Monday, May 16, 2022

Now Watching: Candyman

A great movie and some insoluble fiber.  Candyman is now streaming on Amazon.  

Blog: October Branches

We Halloween bloggers have to stick together.  So few of us remaining these days.  Turns out that Tjalgahorn isn't only a terrific Haunter (click here), he has a pretty neat Halloween blog too.

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See Machine: The Art Of Morgan Sorensen

This guy would have thrived as a designer or architect in the 20s and 30s.  Such amazing works.

Thanks, Wren!  I had never seen his art before.  And now I can't stop gawking.

Now Playing: Quicksand

By Beyond the Ghost.

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Where Do They Come From? The Dust. Where Do They Go? The Grave.

The Sacrifice

Images by Maverick Danger.

The Tall Man: "Buy Fangoria!"

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The Homecoming

Sunset. Three dozen long, hollow box-lids slammed wide. Three dozen filaments, cobwebs, ectoplasms swarmed up to pulsate and then— become. Three dozen cousins, nephews, aunts, uncles melted themselves from the vibrant air, a nose here, a mouth here, a set of ears, some upraised hands and gesticulant fingers, waiting for legs to extend the feet to extrude, whereupon they stepped out and down on the cellar floor even as the strange casks popped wide to let forth not vintages but autumn leaves like wings and wings like autumn leaves which stormed footless up the stairs, while from down the vacuumed chimney flues blown forth in cindered smokes, tunes sounded from players invisible, and a rodent of incredible size chorded the piano and waited on applause.

Ray Bradbury

Image source.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Now Watching: The House Of The Devil

I'm so sick of hearing
about that stupid eclipse.

It's, like, all anybody
can ever talk about.

They're like, "Oh, gosh.

"Are you gonna go see
the eclipse tonight? Buh."


The Unnamed Blood Moon Cocktail is mighty fine.  Very overcast here with some rain in the forecast, so I'll wait for the next Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Now Playing: Inception

By Ascendant.  

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Coffee & Incense

And plants...  

Still not looking like a Dark Garden, but everything's coming in pretty well out there.