Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Woman Falls Ill After Exposure To Monkeys At Pennsylvania Crash Site

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Now Playing: Behind The Seal

From the forthcoming album Mothership, by Tineidae (gets really neat at the 4 minute mark [but don't go clicking right to that, yo]).

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What caused us greater concern was the news that met us upon entering the Lake, namely, that the men deputed by our Conductor for the purpose of summoning the Nations to the North Sea, and assigning them a rendezvous, where they were to await our coming, had met their death the previous Winter in a very strange manner. Those poor men (according to the report given us) were seized with an ailment unknown to us, but not very unusual among the people we were seeking. They are afflicted with neither lunacy, hypochondria, nor frenzy; but have a combination of all these species of disease, which affects their imaginations and causes them a more than canine hunger. This makes them so ravenous for human flesh that they pounce upon women, children, and even upon men...


Now Playing: Leviathan

By Hollan Holmes.

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Saturday, January 22, 2022

More Halloween Photos

Was at a retirement party at an Ale House tonight (Omicron for sure) and a good friend of mine who visited on Halloween night told someone I was the "Halloween Guy," and I saw him flipping through photos on his phone to show them.  It was neat seeing my Haunt through someone else's lens.

I asked him to send them to me so I could post them...

Trailer: TRON

Modern trailers, man (meanwhile it's a decade old).

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Now Playing: Elegia

By Jacaszek.

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More Basement Shots

These guys have been watching me build some stuff lately...

Glorious Halloween

Friday, January 21, 2022

Now Playing: Frozen Clouds

By Ascendant.  This entire album is primo.

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Proving I was always pretty Dark (and apparently hip and cool), despite my horrid faux smile (I have a feeling my mother said something like 'show yer teeth or I'll break 'em.' [it's the only explanation for such a terrible smile]).

Please note the Christmas decorations in the background.  Monsters are all-season, yo.

The girl is a neighborhood friend, probably starting to get scared standing between these two weirdos.

Glowing Halloween

Love seeing so many strands of lights used in Halloween displays.

I remember you when, Jason.