Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Rhode Montijo

Just amazing.

Just wow.
Like wow.

More works here.

Halloween Candles

So I ordered some Anise wax cubes and Clove wax cubes from a shop on, melted them down with an orange dye cube, and poured them into three small candle tins.
The scent is very earthy and smoky, not quite anise and not quite clove.  We haven't lit them yet, but I have high hopes they'll throw a nice strong scent.

Notice the way the wax caved in around the wicks.  A candle-maker I'm not.  But the house smells really nice.

Kringle Halloween Candles

Fright Night
Fiendishly delightful Citrus notes swirl magically with rare wood accords.

Witches' Cauldron
Primary notes of Cloves and Cedar dance mysteriously with hints of Incense, Citrus and other exotics. Utterly bewitching.

Wolf's Bane
While folklore suggests this unassuming yellow woodland flower might repel werewolves, we're sure its delightful floral fragrance will have you happily howling at the moon!

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184 Proof Scotch tumblr.

Meet Some Ghost Hunters

Jason and Samantha Hawes of Ghost Hunters will be at our Yankee Candle Village Store in South Deerfield, MA this Saturday, August 2nd from 9am to 1pm! The $20 entry fee will include a meet and greet and photo opportunity, plus exclusive Ghost Hunters merchandise will be available to purchase. This is their only New England appearance for the rest of this year, so don’t miss out! 

Twenty clams to enter the event to meet these two and to have the opportunity to purchase Ghost Hunters merchandise.  I'm starting to hate this company.  Though if they release a scent that smells like a toasty Jack O'Lantern, I'll forgive them.

Waiting For Summer To Die

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Haunted Mansion
Image by jayembee.

Yankee Halloween "Party"

This Saturday, the annual [disappointing] event at all Yankee Candle stores - the Halloween 2014 Preview Party. 

Hopefully they have some cool Halloween scents besides the usual Candy Corn and Witches' Brew.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

New Hope Horrors

We took a trip to New Hope, PA Sunday morning and found these creepy things.

And the highlight of the trip.  A weird birdcage, left exposed to the elements.  With a dark mass inside.  When I noticed the human eyeball, I wanted to buy its creator a drink. 

This is pure horror gold.  Imagine this during a heavy rain in the middle of the night... wet and sloshy.  I think Ray Bradbury would weep with joy seeing this.  It reminded me of his glorious story The Jar.

Photos by Bean.

Fury Road


I got too close after disturbing their gourd home.  One got me on the hand as I snapped this [blurry] photo.  Nice little welt forming now.  Feels like concentrated sunburn.  I suspect I'll be dead by morning.

Face In The Dark

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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dolls

California police are investigating after multiple families reported porcelain dolls that resemble their little girls were left outside their homes.

Cold In July

Soundtrack by Jeff Grace.
Great 80s synth sound.

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Found on the always-awesome End of Summer blog.

More Alex Pardee

The artist's site.


Sculpture by Derek Kinzett.

The artist's site.


From the Running-Barefoot tumblr.

Make A Fake Swamp

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Begging For Candy