Friday, February 28, 2014

Basement Dungeon

Image by Witchful Thinking.

Conal Cochran's Speech

Re-re-re-post, but it's great.
I wish I worked for Conal Cochran.  I bet St. Patrick's Day at his house is amazing (assuming he'd invite me).

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Image by dolanh (click his label/tag below to see other great shots).

In The Wall

Great track by Clint Mansell.

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Begging For Candy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior

Robert Englund

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Peanut Macarons & Chocolate Ganache

The Lurker

Image by Clawback.


Stripped is a full-length documentary on the world’s best cartoonists, featuring the first-ever recorded interview with Bill Watterson. The film explores the art of the comics strip, the cartoonists behind your favorite strips, and where the art form goes as newspapers die.

As a HUGE Bill Watterson fan, this is really exciting news.

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Haunted House Tour

More images here.

Unoccupied By Mortals

It stands a little way off the loneliest reach of the Marshall and Harriston road, in an opening which was once a farm and is still disfigured with strips of rotting fence and half covered with brambles overrunning a stony and sterile soil long unacquainted with the plow.

Ambrose Bierce

Image by kris.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life After Pi

LIFE AFTER PI is a short documentary about Rhythm & Hues Studios, the L.A. based Visual Effects company that won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking work on "Life of Pi" -- just two weeks after declaring bankruptcy. The film explores rapidly changing forces impacting the global VFX community and the Film Industry as a whole.
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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

A Face Off-like series on SyFy with a Henson spin to it.  Premieres on March 25th.
Been loving Face Off this season, so I hope this is more of the same.  And it has a Halloween prop feel to it.

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Stealth Lights

Saw these on

Rather than using those small silver disc batteries that don't last very long, they've been adapted to use AAA batteries.  A great idea.
They were used in this display:

I used two green ones for this photoshoot (but with the smaller batteries):

More information here.

2014 Spookytown

Spotted at the TheoFantastique blog.

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New Godzilla Trailer

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Hell House

A personal favorite is getting the Blu-ray treatment from Scream Factory.
Not many details yet. 

We've watched this film SO many times.

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How Guillermo Del Toro Dreams

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More Francesco Francavilla

The artist's site.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Robert Henke

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Sickly Sweet Growths

Pieces by Aganetha Dyck (and bees).

More images here.

Friday, February 21, 2014

UK Mr. Jones DVD Art

Haven't seen this one before.
Cool to see my scarecrow (in the background) next to the Mr. Jones figure and as a part of the O in JONES.

Witchy Things

The Haunt of Jdubbya.

Old Burial Hill

Absolutely beautiful video.

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The Light Saber

Revisiting RedLetterMedia's review of the Star Wars prequels.

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Mr. Jones At