Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2008 Jackos

Carved up some pumpkins tonight. Going to do six more tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008


This'll probably be one of the last blog posts before Halloween. Taking off the rest of the week to prep for the big day, and I won't be around a computer much.

It's strange to finally be in the week of Halloween. I remember as a kid in grade school loving this week. The teacher would turn off the lights in the class and read a ghost story (The Green Ribbon). We'd look forward to art class to make paper decorations to take home. And you'd think about Halloween night, and all that candy. You'd always be caught off guard when your parents decided the time was right for carving pumpkins. We'd draw the faces with black markers so my mother would know where and what to cut - and it always annoyed me when you could see leftover ink around the cut-out eyes or nose or mouth (that's why these days you'll never find me inking a pumpkin before I cut it). Before taking them to the porch, they'd sit on the kitchen table burning for a while as we looked at them. The lights would get turned off and we'd stare some more. You'd smell the singed lid, maybe pull up the pumpkin top and touch that weird charred spot, a perfect little black circle. Then off to the front porch they went.

Had fun doing tag searches to see what I've accumulated with this blog:

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Look for Halloween 2008 photos on this blog on November 1st.
Hopefully it's chilly and dry.

Happy Halloween.

Hand Of Bone

Head of pumpkin...

A great scarecrow by Johnny from the Through The Patch blog.


The Hollowman is safely at home. His mache held up perfectly in the rain and he was covered in tiny spider webs.

Just Landed

This is just wonderful.

Image source.


Had the pleasure of trying Hood's flavored egg nogs for the first time this weekend. I picked up their Pumpkin EggNog and Cinnamon EggNog. Both are fantastic. I'll probably pick up a few more to serve on Halloween night to family and friends that show up.

Check out their other flavors.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


The Cloaked Ghost Dead from Halloween 2007, on his last day in my possession. I'll have to check in on him to see how he's holding up at my coworker's house.