Sunday, September 30, 2012


I received a pretty amazing gift from my e-bud Shellhawk.  To say I was touched by her thoughtfulness and creativity would be a galactic understatement.

Here's a quick photo of what I found in a big cool box loaded with Halloween extras...

Click below for her blog, where you can find a link to her awesome Etsy shop.

Shellhawk's Nest

Thanks, Shelley.
You're awesome.
Like seriously.

Tree Ghosts: Part II

Put out some more decorations today...


Sunday Morning Music

By Grouper.

Click below:


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkin Cider

From Woodchuck...
Not bad.  VERY sweet.
I mix it with Zeigler's spiced apple cider and it's pretty noice.


Found these at HomeGoods. 
Love the designs.  Simple and Traditional.

Autumn Porch

Took a hit on cornstalks this year.  $8.00 a bunch.  Checked out Walmart and they were selling for right below 8 bucks, but with only four stalks in each bunch.  Hit up an Acme market and they were also $8.00, but it was a pretty nice bunch of stalks. 

Two bunches per porch column...

Paranormal Witness: Fire In The Sky

Looking SO forward to the 90 minute Paranormal Witness next week. 

Click below for a scene and a trailer:

Image source.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Now Playing: Psycho III

By Carter Burwell.

Click below:

Image source.

Beyond The Black Rainbow

A music sample from Beyond the Black Rainbow.
Haven't seen the film yet, but it's currently On-Demand.

Click below:

The Witch Of Owl Wood

By Junker Jane.

Halloween Ornaments

Painted light bulbs.

By gnarledbranch.

Begging For Candy

Now Playing: Shadowed

By Sophie Hutchings.

Click the happy pumpkin:

Image by Matt Champlin.

The Art Of Bill Sienkiewicz

Via the Monster Brains blog.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


I detest the new blogger format.
So if you see any weird spaces or displaced words, it's totally their fault.

Sure it's free, and I feel a little lame complaining about it.
So I'm just voicing my opinion here:  the new blogger format sucks soft weird eggs.

A Great Place To Raise The Kids

From artist Tom Whalen.

Thanks, Rene'!

The Fog: Expanded Edition

Halloween III and The Fog are my personal favorite Carpenter/Howarth soundtracks.  I'm beyond excited about this new release.

Click below for details:

I Smell Good Perfumes

From The Soap Box Company.

Click below for the entire line.

Evil Tree Ghosts

Thanks, Rene, these are GREAT.

Lesley Bannatyne Interview

At the always-interesting TheoFantastique.

Click below:

The Witch Head Is On Sale

Our Lighted Witch Head is currently on sale at Primitives by Kathy.  We just got ours in the mail and it was crazy to open that box and see her in there.  I snapped a few quick pics to show how she looks lit up.  She comes with an amber bulb, but I'm thinking green might be pretty cool too.

Her hat is soft with a bendable rod inside, so you can position the hat any way you like.

Reduced prices at 
Primitives by Kathy.