Monday, January 31, 2011



Autumn Creatures

Rest In Peace, Mr. Barry

John Barry

Murderer Registry Database

Torture And Death

Now Playing: Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife

Great score by Tomandandy (who also wrote the score for The Mothman Prophecies). Here's one of my favorite cues from the soundtrack: Flying.

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Extreme Cosplay

The Dark Crystal played a major creative role in my childhood. Falling in love with the Skeksis creatures kinda sealed the deal back then. My brother and I would often talk about building a Skeksis costume when we were kids, but we never followed through. I think we built the head though.

It was wonderful to come across this costume by dmringer on deviantart:

I bet he won the contest...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now Playing: Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie plays John Carpenter.
Absolutely love this.

Click below for their version of The Thing:

And click here for samples.

And click here for an incredible Carpenter tribute by the group.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Darkchylde Collection

Artist Randy Queen's Darkchylde collection is now available from Image Comics.
I received my copy and love it.
And thinking of this as a potential John Carpenter film is pretty sweet.

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Image by lemurchild.


Image by Noah Fentz.

Friday, January 28, 2011


By Adam Jones.

Ghosts & Witches

At the Wertzateria blog.

A Dougherty Halloween: 2010

A ton of great shots from Mike Dougherty's 2010 Haunt and Party.
Just stunning. And fitting from the director of Trick 'r Treat.

(Thrilled that one of my zombies was part of all that.)

Thanks, Mike! These are amazing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Hope It Only Eats Nectar

Creature by Carim Nahaboo.

Enter If You Dare

Images by xenia elizabeth.

Halloween Nation

Upcoming book by Lesley Bannatyne. Looking very forward to owning it. Awesome to see Haunted Overload on the cover.

America's leading authority on Halloween presents interviews with spooky rock groups, amateur vampires, haunted house creators, champion pumpkin carvers, and more, all in the quest of explaining the nation's unique love affair with this holiday. The collection of essays and interviews explores the pop culture phenomenon that is Halloween, and why we celebrate it the way we do today.

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Now Playing: Time

Powerful cue from the Inception soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer.

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