Saturday, October 29, 2022

Halloweenville, NJ

This'll sound odd coming from me, but these last few days before Halloween have always been spent going through my preparation lists and over-thinking things and just kind of hanging at home waiting for the holiday.  Waiting to begin the build.

This year has been the first year I was able to temper the hard work with actual fun.  With getting out and seeing Halloween out there.  One of those places was Lambertville, New Jersey.  I've long heard of the Lambertville Halloween House and even featured it on my blog, but I never thought I'd actually visit it so close to Halloween.  And never imagined that it was only one of MANY outstanding haunts in that town.

I will blog more about this experience soon, but I wanted to share some photos from the trip.  

Friday, October 28, 2022

Lady Of The Leaves

Finally got a photo of this Lady... always in the same spot each year and, depending on the weather, she either appears Tragic or Terrifying.

Cocktails And Fireside Dining

Took a very nice break from Haunt prepping...

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

"Final Processing"

Going to be very spotty on the blog as we approach the High Holiday.  Everything is right on target, and this October has truly been the best ever.  Savored every fast second of it.  

Hoping there's dry weather for everyone (some rain in the forecast at the moment, though it's still too early to tell [but I keep checking {over and over again}]).  

Just days away now...

Remember how that felt back in grade school?  By this time, you could taste it.  You were listening to spooky stories in classrooms where the teacher shut off the lights.  You were drawing pumpkins, making napkin ghosts, and talking excitedly about the Big Night.  You knew this was Christmas' crazy dark brother coming to town.  And you knew you were going out unchaperoned.  Unsupervised.  No parents in sight.  Small packs of friends sprinting up walkways and steps.  Darting across streets filled with monsters.  I can't recall how we mapped it all out.  I think we just pointed ourselves in a certain direction and then hit up anything with a glowing porch light.  I know we would be influenced by decorations, or by small hordes of kids on distant porches... "That must be good candy over there!"  

We'd trick-or-treat until we were exhausted and drained.  And until we were far away from home.  I loved the magic of heading off into uncharted territory.  Foreign streets and strange unknown houses.  That was usually reserved for the end of the evening.  So it felt extra dangerous.  Dark pumpkins and unlit porches.  And a damp coldness in the air.  Like Halloween was slowly moving on.  It was always bittersweet because, unlike Christmas, you knew (at least at THAT time) that your Halloweens were a finite resource... your days were numbered.  There were expectations of maturing.  Of growing up.

Sure there were other ways to celebrate Halloween as you got older - parties, horror movies, music, decorating, and Home Haunting.  And even though those come really close sometimes to capturing that special feeling, nothing quite compares to the old magic of approaching a stranger's house, behind a dark costume, literally as someone other than yourself... and then getting candy for simply showing up.  

That's one of the neatest parts of being a Home Haunter - you get to see and feel that excitement from the other side.  And you realize you're a part of that magic for those kids.  That you're a part of the screams and laughter.  And that you might just be a part of the anticipation... for some boy or girl sitting in a classroom, drawing a pumpkin, and hoping that one house is doing it again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Monster On The Lora

More images here.

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Lone Tree Hill

The largest spider in the world is Theraphosa blondi, commonly known as the Goliath birdeater, according to National Geographic. This tarantula can reach up to 11 inches in length and weigh 6 ounces; this size is big enough to cover a dinner plate, says Guinness World Records.

More photos here.

Monday, October 24, 2022

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Those knives ain't for cuttin'...they're for stickin'!
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Herman's Hollow

An absolutely beautiful Home Haunt from Ohio.  With some early photos from the Haunter's grandfather's Halloween display.  Love seeing something like this carried on in the family.  

Stunning work.