Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shacks And Old Houses

Wonder what it is about these things that are so appealing... I recall finding shacks in the wooded areas where we used to play and explore.  Not exactly sure how or why they were built, since it seemed too extreme for a place high school kids would build just to drink beer and way too expensive and demanding for a homeless man to build as a home.  But we'd always find wooden shacks in those woods.  Always deep in thorny weeds and overgrown vines.  And I'm sure that was the idea.  But you'd see the roof first, usually a few layers of warped particle board.  Then you'd sneak up to it and make some noises in case Homeless Harry was inside waiting to spit battery acid in your face.  Then we'd peek inside and see nasty old carpeting and things like beer bottles and crumpled white paper bags and empty tubes of model glue.  Horrible to think of someone sniffing that stuff.

Abandoned homes were hard to come by, living in suburbia, and we'd usually come across them when my parents would take us to more rural places for long walks through state parks and the surrounding areas.  I remember one old house similar to the photo below.  I felt really brave since my father was there with us.  We insisted he go inside first.  And we'd follow.  We walked around inside clopping around on the old floors and every noise we made seemed to echo in the empty place.  We went up a flight of stairs, and thinking back I wish I crashed through the stairwell and was torn to shreds.  Oh how my mother would have given my dad hell for that.  I think.

So we get upstairs and poke our heads into one of the smaller rooms.  And some hilarious kids had graffitied on the walls and drew a pig with red eyes...with the words "JODIE LIVES HERE."  My sister screamed and ran for the door. 

I wish she crashed through the stairwell on the way down.

Image by Korona4Reel.

The Haunted Masquerade

Rania's Haunted Garden-themed charity event.

More images here.

Mr. Jones Dvd Art

Thought this looked pretty cool.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cardboard Costumes

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Stonehaven Manor


Red And White

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Must. Have.

Blight Upon The Land

Dan Wiswell's Haunt in the Halloween Capital of the World - Anoka, Minnasota.

More images here. 

Mr. Jones On iTunes

We just downloaded it.
Going to be nuts to watch this again.
Can't believe it's been a whole year since we saw it at Tribeca.

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Or click here for Amazon.com's Instant Play.

Begging For Candy

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Repost of a favorite Grickle vid.


Giant Prop = Giant Loincloth

I'd call the township over this.

Image source.

Bring Your Child To Work Day

The annual event I look so foward to...when my desk becomes a tourist attraction and small minds try to figure me out, as I sit here wishing they would be shipped off to a Nike factory.

I kinda wish they were more like these kids.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


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Ghostly Lighting

From The Decorating Duchess blog.

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Incredibly spooky with some nightmarish images of victims of this strange phenomenon (or peculiar accident).  The comments by fire investigators were the creepiest.

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 Thanks, Steve!

It's Official

Dolls are made by the Devil.

More images here.


Click below for every imaginable variety of Frankenstein's monster.


Sand People


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Of the Spontaneous Human variety.

I spent way too many hours worrying about bursting into flames when I was a kid.  And I blame that photo.  And that foot.  Over the years I always kept an ear out for any proof that there's simply no such thing.  That these people were human wicks and their body fat enabled their bodies to burn holes through floors and leave the rest of the room or house undamaged.  But nothing ever seemed entirely persuasive.