Monday, October 3, 2022


Another fine scarecrow by fellow scarecrow-maker Willow Cove.  Hanging the gloves like that is really pretty neat.  The way they'd move in the wind would be really disturbing at night.

Trick 'R Treat Sequel Update

Some fun news from Bloody Disgusting.  Here's hopin'!

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The Haunting On Virginia Avenue

There are entrances, and then there are entrances.

Now Playing: Spooky Season 3

New release by Kilometre Club.

I featured a previous Halloween album by this project a while back and this album has the same spooky charm.  An ambient music soundscape perfect for the season.  I loved this album thirty seconds into the first track.

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Now Playing: In The Dead Of Night

By Watchtower, featuring a personal fave - Cities Last Broadcast.

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

New Pumpkin Offering

On Willow Cove's Etsy shop.

I own one of these cool babies and I can vouch for the great quality and design!

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Some Jacko Action

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Now Playing: October

By The Ghost In You.

Super nice song and parts of the video were filmed in an old cemetery where some of the scenes from SWAMP FOETUS were shot.  

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Promo: TCM October 2022

Boy, is this rad.

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I went for a walk yesterday after hanging my lights.  I was on the hunt for decorations.  Not much activity out there, but then I spotted a bunch of ghosts.  I walked over to get the below photo...

So many decorations were up around this house and it looked amazing.  I saw movement in the backyard and noticed that the homeowners were in the process of putting out more decorations.  Lots of tall stuff too.  Important to note since Tropical Storm Ian was a few hours from hitting us.  But they didn't care. 

So I see them watching me and I yell over "Mind if I take a photo?  This all looks so great!  I love Halloween."   And the husband says "My wife and I love it too...well, our kids love it!"  And I laugh and say "I assure you, I love Halloween more than any child does." He looks over with a huge smile and says "Yeahhh, we love it too!" and we both laughed pretty hard.  I think it was that weird moment where you're trying to determine if you can trust someone with your excessive love for something that is perceived as a Holiday for the young.  

I will definitely head back that way soon after sunset to get some good night shots.  

A Happy October To All

It's actually here.  It's happening.  I am looking SO forward to this month.  Gonna savor it.  Gonna squeeze it.  

Going to ENJOY it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful October!

Friday, September 30, 2022

The Lights Are Up

Large orange C9 bulbs with small orange, green, and purple string lights.

Shudder: The Ghoul Log

It returns tomorrow.

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Thanks, Wren!


New trailer for this Netflix series.  Looks wonderful.

Thanks, Mike!

Signs Of [Halloween] Life

Looked out the window last night and saw some green and purple lights strung along the hedges of a house at the end of the block.  Got that excited feeling realizing It was coming.  Was thinking I'd be the first house with lights up as I'm going to hang them after work today.  So this is a very promising sign.  

Please, Neighborhood, go crazy this year.
Pretty please.

Now Playing: Zum Greifen Nah

A beautiful track by Bersarin Quartett.

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Hey, Kid. Wanna See Something Cool?

Image by Creep Your Socks Off.

Thursday, September 29, 2022


I wouldn't buy it, but I absolutely would take a few shots.

New York- Pumking Whiskey is the latest innovation from the award winning distillers at Southern Tier. Everything pumpkin spice lovers crave, crossed with what flavored whiskey drinkers expect. Add Pumking Whiskey to the list of the hottest shots in the country!

Mezcal And Me

And the worm...

I've recently gotten into the distilled alcoholic agave beverage Mezcal.  I mentioned this fact to my cool neighbor who lives across the street (as we often ask each other "Drinking anything good lately?") and he said he was going to see if he had any in the house, as he was sure he had an old bottle.  He mentioned it might have a worm in it.   

Now, growing up as a boy, you always heard about a worm in a bottle of booze.  Heard it was in a certain kind of booze.  I heard it was Tequila.  But Mezcal (Tequila's smokey smooth brother) is where that worm resides.  Sloshing around in the cool tincture... slosh slosh slosh (ripping off Bradbury's THE JAR here).  We'd all say "I'd drink it!  I'd eat the worm!"

So later that day I hear a knock at my door, and my neighbor is standing out there. Holding a bottle.  I laugh and let him in and he holds up the bottle and says, "You have to drink the worm!"  And I say "I WILL! I've wanted to my entire life! I'm a MAAA....."  ...and then I see the worm.  The size of a human pinky.  I was expecting a small meal worm to make me feel manly.  We used to feed those to our reptiles as kids and you get really used to them.  So swallowing one in a shot of Mezcal seemed feasible (but still unsettling).  

But a plump juicy maguey worm is another story.  My neighbor saw the look of horror and said "Aw, Come on!  Just swallow half of it!"  That's half the size of a human pinky.  I retorted "Why haven't YOU yet if it's so easy?!!"  We laughed and then he left the bottle with me.  To ruminate. 

No way.  No how.

Trick 'R Treat Theatrical Promo


Images by Sean Lee.

The Weeping Glass

Pittsburgh's Original Oddities & Curiosities Shop...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2022


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The Home Haunt

Out of my weakness and my melancholy,
As he is very potent with such spirits,
Abuses me to damn me. I’ll have grounds
More relative than this. The play’s the thing
Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.

I love finding photos like the below.  It captures the absurdity of it all.  The stage.  Theater.  Building a tiny world.  A gloomy one with shadows and the macabre.  With promises of a treat somewhere within.  Come on up and get it.  

Image by Josie Flatt.

Now Playing: In The Room Where You Sleep

By Dead Man's Bones.

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Autumn Jack

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Now Playing: The Junk Yard

Pretty sweet track off of the Halloween Ends soundtrack from John Carpenter and the boys.

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Final Trailer: Halloween Ends

I shall reluctantly watch every second of this (probably twice).

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Thanks, Sara!

Now Playing: Chromospheric Activity

By Martin Stürtzer.

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Now Watching: Scream (Tribute)

Click below for a really neat SCREAM montage video...

Monday, September 26, 2022

Sponsored By Smith's Grove Sanitarium

Everyone should enter.  First prize is a clown mask!

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Thanks, Mike!


Now Playing: This Is Where I Disappear

By God Body Disconnect.

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Ghosts In The Garden

More of these fine spirits from York Gardens.  I really REALLY would love to try my hand at this.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

There Be Stalks

Corn stalks are up.  

Next weekend - the lights.

Memento Mori

Image from archaeologyart.

Trailer: The Watcher

A while back I posted a story about a family moving into a new home in New Jersey and receiving some mega chilling letters in the mail.  Creepy stuff from someone called The Watcher.  Here's an excerpt from one of those letters:

Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested? Better for me. Was your old house too small for the growing family? Or was it greed to bring me your children? Once I know their names I will call to them and draw them to me.

No one was ever implicated, and the letters eventually stopped.  Naturally they made a movie out of it.  I would have preferred a tasteful documentary about the actual events, to see what has been distorted over the years as the internet embraced it.  Worried they sassed it up too much, as it appears to have about five modern horror movies crammed into it.  But I will definitely give it a watch.  And maybe this will lead to a Netflix documentary on the actual case.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Now Playing: Signal Lost

By Tineidae.

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