Monday, October 31, 2016


We had a wonderful Halloween.  A bunch of great folks stopped by and it turned into a rather nice Halloween party.  Horror movies playing silent on the tv as Bean's Halloween playlists mingled with people laughing and talking. 

Hope everyone had a terrific night.

Cold fire.  He'll have to move on.

Happy Halloween

We fought some weird hostile weather to get the photo shoot finished.
The "night" shots are actually from early this morning... Halloween morning.  Conal Cochran would be proud.

Can't express how much of this Haunt each year is the result of Bean's inspiration and creative input, and hard work.  Just couldn't do it without her.  Truly my soulmate.  My muse.  My Halloween Lady.

Hope you all have great weather and an evening of fun and magic.

Halloween 2016: Night Of The Strawman





Click here for a short video.