Friday, May 30, 2008

Bog Man

A coworker of mine took this photo of the Bog Man last year and, as a joke, put it in a tiny frame and sat it on my desk. She added, "You're SICK!" and meant it.

1999 & 2001

Rare daytime shot to show the coloring of the corpses. I've since
given most of the Dead paint make-overs and now they're all in the family of earthy browns and greens.


unknown artist.


Old Pumpkins

Robots, Tin Men, Nuns, and Pumpkin Heads

The artwork of Drew Falchetta.

Thanks, Shotgun, for the great link.

Scarecrow Cinematography

Finally got around to renting the horror film SCARECROWS. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure it's dated, but the original story line and wonderful images of creepy homicidal scarecrows made it an instant favorite. Here are some screen caps I made.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scarecrow Photography

The amazing photos of Annette Elizabeth Fournet.

Her site.

Halloween in Alabama

A beautiful display...

flickr source.

The Headless Horseman

I rented a movie based on the fact that it took place during the Halloween season, it featured a headless horseman, and it was scored by Alan Howarth, who co-composed the amazing HALLOWEEN III soundtrack. What a stinker. Originally shown on the SciFi channel (so you KNOW it was doomed), THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN happens to sport some of the most fantastic Halloween images you'll ever see in a movie. So I'm posting some screen caps for your viewing pleasure. Do NOT be tempted by these images to go and rent the film.

You have been warned.

Dark Porch

A Hot Wind

I need this:

The weather vane featured in THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

Hollow and Ghost


What if...

Fan under the logs, faux cloth flames lit by hidden orange lights, fog machine for smoke, and ugly twisted soiled ghosts standing around the fire pit.

Pumpkin Vino

Had no idea Pumpkin Wine existed, which of course means I'm now obsessed with getting my hands on some.

Some sites:

Urban Pumpkin

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Field of Scarecrows: Part XVI

flickr source

Each Halloween season, Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo transforms its Zoomazium into a child-friendly Halloween-themed Boomazium, with hundreds of pumpkins, live entertainment, and a pretty slick scarecrow greeting visitors at the entrance.

Unique Halloween Decoration

A projected movie.

And a stunning photograph.

Tim Burton Was Here

unknown photographer

Pumpkin Vivisection

I haven't seen this cool jack-o pattern before.

It's Sam Hundley's design, and his haunt and some great how-to's can be seen at his website:

Scream, Pretty Peggy

Info about the film (never saw it).