Monday, August 31, 2015

Pay The Ghost

The film version of the only short story that has ever truly unnerved me - Pay the Ghost, by Tim Lebbon.  The trailer seems to be packed with Hollywood embellishments, so I'm already seeing signs that this is a super far departure from the original story.  Unfortunately.

Hoping I'm wrong, because the story, found in the Halloween anthology October Dreams, is truly brilliant.

Click below for the trailer:

Rest In Peace, Sir

Wes Craven (1939 – 2015)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Now Playing: Mill Shoals

A favorite group of mine.
New music from Lanterna...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Witching Season: Killer On The Loose

Jack-O Traveler

After years of searching for a pumpkin ale/beer that appeals to me, I think I just found it, in the form of a shandy.  The Jack-O Traveler from the Traveler Beer Company.  It's light and spicy, and not too sweet, with a lot of lemony zest going on.  Has a really nice and nutty finish.

I highly recommend it for those who might always have high hopes for the seasonal pumpkin beers, but who are always a little disappointed with the offerings.

Jack-O Traveler is an alluring wheat beer illuminated by the tastes of fall. He strikes a perfect balance between bright refreshment and seasonal spice. Jack is brewed with fresh pumpkin, for a delicious dark-hued, Shandy-inspired beer.

Pumpkin Sale

An overstock sale at Primitives by Kathy.
Half-off the original retail prices.

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Yankee Halloween Party

Today's the day all Yankee stores feature the new Halloween items.
Not sure if we'll be near one today, so anyone who goes kindly let us know how it was.

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Warts And All...

Awesome to find this pic over at a favorite blog (and Haunt)...

Friday, August 28, 2015

This Is Kinda Awesome

Click below:


Turbo Kid

Beware The Pumpkin Witch

Image source.


Mummy Rat

This Halloween Mummy Rat has returned from the dead! Preserved in bandages, one flip of the on/off switch on his belly makes his eyes blink green. Perfect to set out with the rest of your Halloween decorations in preparations for the big night, this Halloween rat is sure to set the scene for your fright night festivities. Polyester. 8" x 3 3/4" 

One of the more bizarre things found at the Oriental Trading Company.  

The Toy Box

Images by BaldBrain.


Image by Paul Bass.

Begging For Candy

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Only Good Ape Is A Dead Ape

Very happy to find this on the Oriental Trading Company's Halloween page...

Click below:

Smell Like Halloween

Click for the shop.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Image source.

The Halloween Scent

Another sale at my favorite candle shop featuring my all-time candle of choice - Anise & Clove.
I seriously can't describe what those two scents smell like when mixing with the toasted insides of a jack o'lantern on Halloween night.  We've been burning the small jars from this company on the weekends and it fills the entire floor with Halloween.

[Manly] Man

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Scary Scores: Continued

Sinister had a pretty intense and scary score.

Click below for a favorite scene.  And make sure to turn up the volume nice and loud so you can fully appreciate the subtle and unnerving dark ambient-ish track...

Scary Scores

Neat article over at Bloody Disgusting:
Which Horror Scores Actually Scare You...
As a guy who loves film music and dark ambient stuff, I have to ponder this one.
The Fog?, Silent Hill?, Suspiria?,... Halloween?

Click below for the article:

And click here for a spooky track from James Horner's Aliens.

For We Are Many

I have dreams... of a rose, and then of falling down a long flight of steps.

-Exorcist III

Taken on Saturday at a giant freshly-opened Spirit Halloween store.

The Coffinmaker

Image by Makenna.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Revisiting Eric Pigors

It really is genius.
I always seem to stop in my tracks when Eric's work shows up in my Halloween searches.

Home Goods (Continued)

We hit up a bunch of stores this weekend and found a ton of new stuff at Home Goods.