Thursday, July 31, 2008


Wynter Pie Pumpkin

You have to love an artist that has the following categories of artwork on her site:
Portraits, Animals, Nudes, Architectural, and Halloween.

The exquisite art of Laurie Meseroll.

Ghoultide Gathering

The Ghoultide Gathering of Halloween artists.
Located in Northville, Michigan.

Jacko House

Waiting for Autumn

The art of Ashley Goldberg.

I love this entry:

"I have imagined over and over again what my dream house would look like, the way some girls obsess over their wedding or their future children:
On top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and a rocky shore. An old house with maybe two fireplaces. Nooks and small small rooms… maybe even to the point of seeming choppy, except a large bedroom and living room would be nice.
Or deep in the woods by a creek.
Or a stone-and-brick house in a city that looks like a good trick-or-treating neighborhood (you know the ones)."

Ivy Hall Is Haunted

A great new website design from an old favorite - the classiest Halloween act around.
I truly cannot wait to see her 2008 display.

Click on "Filoscope" to watch her fabulous 2007 haunt video.
Classy classy.

Here's a teaser screen cap.

"Hollow Ruin"

The art of Esao Andrews.


And funny...

Rest in peace, Dough Boy.

Image source.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Masks of Mister Reusch

In addition to his beautiful Halloween-laden paintings, Mister Reusch happens to make some amazing masks. The most unique I've ever seen. His materials: "Yardsticks, Galvanized Wire, Masking Tape, Acrylic and Fluorescent Paint, Bike Lights, Black Fabric." Wonderful.

World's Coolest Halloween Invite

I'd love to get an invitation like this. Mind you, I probably wouldn't go, but it's the thought that counts.
Great design by Phil Regan.

The Usual Suspects

The art of Casey Nelson.

Mark Your Calendars

Pumpkin Spice Coffee will be available 8/25/08 at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. My personal favorite.

(Feel free to recommend other brands - I'm WAY open to having multiple varieties of pumpkin spice coffee.)

Would Go Nice With Coffee

Wish I were chomping on this right about now.

Image source.

Gourd Head


The art of James Jean.

Richmond, VA Haunt

A beautiful yard haunt in Virginia (love the green and orange atmosphere).

Photo set here.

Giant Pumpkin

I fear I'd grab one of those giant pumpkin seeds and make a run for it.

Image source.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The art of Stuart Kolakovic.

His site.

His blog.

Fence Pumpkins

Some beautiful hi-res photos of rotting pumpkins. FanTASTIC.

Image source.

DIY Ghost

Pretty neat ghost effect using only chicken wire. I reckon building a bunch of these and placing them in a wooded area that gets some foot traffic might be a lot of fun.


Witchy Green

Panoramic Halloween

Great photo of a really cool yard haunt. Love the wooden fencing and the guy up on the roof. I always admire haunters that go through that sort of trouble to make Halloween memorable. A roof prop is in a class of its own.

Image source.


Things I'm obsessed with: pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, and cauldrons.

Flickr source.

Field of Scarecrows: Part XX

Found some beautiful pieces of scarecrow art on - pages and pages of scarecrows.

Image source and more great pics.

Then there was this guy. Manipulating a photo of Johnny Appleseed with no link to the source. Man, that's just lame.

Photo source.

UPDATE: A good friend of mine happened to bring this fact to the attention of the administrators at and now I see that the image is no longer available. Cool.