Thursday, August 31, 2023

Concert: Ghost

We saw Ghost for the first time in concert last Friday night, and it was bananas.  I was curious what the crowd would be like.  I didn't really know what Ghost's target audience was.  I figured there would be plenty of Goth folk, and a sea of black attire (and I was right).  Happy to report that Ghost's demographics include literally every age.  We saw small children, and we saw some older people whom I first thought had made some kind of grievous error and would soon be asking when Neil Diamond would be coming out.  We saw costumes and loads of face paint.  Someone even had antlers on their hat.  And everyone seemed to be jittery with excitement.  Imagine an audience filled with the Hellfire club from Stranger Things.   

The opening act was Amon Amarth, a Swedish death metal band that's been around since the early 90s.  Their stage props were so impressive, and they were the perfect warm up for Ghost.  

For their song Put Your Back into the Oar, they ordered us to sit in our seats... and row.  And we did.  We rowed and laughed and cheered.  Then it was time for Ghost.

I've never seen such a beautiful production.  There was a theatricality there that was electric.  Hearing all of our favorite songs live was utterly insane.  And Tobias Forge is hilarious, so there was an extremely fun atmosphere behind it all.  It was a hot night too, so I found myself wondering what it must be like performing for hours under those heavy costumes and head gear.  They never slowed down.  It was an exceptional show.

Below are some photos and some video from that night.  We will definitely be seeing Ghost again.  

Now Playing: Autumn Rain Rework

By Vivian Roost.

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We picked this heavenly thing up at a World Market store.  Typically, I see holiday Panettone and think "I hope a box of that never ends up under my Christmas tree," but this thing is incredible.  The ribbons of chestnut cream are otherworldly.  

It'll make some amazing French toast for sure.

Super 8mm Horror Movie

Man, this IG account just keeps giving and giving.

Click below for a wonderful little horror film.

Made With Real Eggs!

We shared this crazy cider donut ice cream sandwich last night at a favorite garden center in Bucks County, PA.

It was mighty glorious, but definitely difficult to eat due to someone saying "Let's make it three times wider than a human mouth!"

Monday, August 28, 2023

Terrain And Gin

We went to a Ghost concert (it was bananas) on Friday night (will be blogging about that soon), but Saturday was spent Halloween shopping in the morning with a super neat gin-tasting party in the evening.  We started out the morning at an incredible nursery called Terrain (a local sister store to Anthropologie).  The Halloween decorations for sale were stunning.  And their cafe was amazing.  A pretty perfect day.

Definitely heading back there when the pumpkins arrive, as the place seems to be made for the Season.

A trip to the Jersey shore on a gorgeous breezy Sunday finished off the weekend.

Tons of photos below from Saturday...

Friday, August 25, 2023

Now Playing: Crystal Coffins

By Occults.

The weekend is finally here and we're way excited about that fact.

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I'd Call The Cops

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Thursday, August 24, 2023