Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More GravenWood

More images here.

Victorian Chamber Soundscape

At The Haunted Gallery blog.

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Porch Lanterns And Spookhouse Skull

Shot on the porch last night.

Picked this small guy up at a party supply store. Small strobe light in the head. Very old school. Very Spookhouse.


Image by Matthew Traucht.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cold And Wet

Image by Marrow.


An old favorite of mine, who has recently updated his site with photos from the last two Halloweens: Uncle Binley's Dungeon.

Click here for the image galleries.

Thanks for the heads up, Noah!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Mothwoman

Looks like Martha's releasing a Halloween issue again this year.
Saw this news at the cool Orange and Black: Spirit of Halloween blog.

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Field Of Pumpkins

I want.

Image by Schuster's Playtime Farm.

Case Of The Yucks

So when something like this...

Is the inspiration for this...

Source: Grim Hollow Haunt

And leads to something like this being stolen from Grim and mass-produced and sold by Grandin Road...

It just feels really really amazingly wrong.

And just a reminder to all Haunters: If you got your idea for a prop from someone else, cite the source wherever you're posting your photos of it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Something like an albatross around the neck. No. More like a millstone. A plumbing stone. By God. Damn them all.

Blake, The Fog

Image by pageofbats.

Screw you, Irene.
Pardon the French, but there it is.

The Gathering

Image by lhoracek.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pumpkin Seedlings

Pumpkin gum balls with tiny candy seeds inside each piece.

Now Playing: Fright Night

Great cue by composer Ramin Djawadi for the new Fright Night film (haven't seen it).

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was looking for my husband and I thought he was in the kitchen because I could see this big man with a white shirt moving around. I'm saying "Dom, Dom" and I'm following something and then it's gone. He's in the other room saying, "What? What?" His mom was behind me with her jaw open. Another time, I was in the kitchen and I heard something fall over and I saw this white thing. I looked and thought "What is it?" and then poof! It was gone.

From Corinne May Botz's, Haunted Houses

Image by melody hansen.

1955 Pumpkin Massacre

Image by Fessenden School Archives.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Revelation 9:6

And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.

Image by JP. G.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Manly Men

Sorry, ladies.

Sarsparilla and sweetgrass, worn saddle leather, tobacco smoke and the remains of a spicy lime cologne.

A slightly psychotic blend of sweet cinnamon, rich cardamom, spicy ginger, and a faint touch of innocent vanilla.

Teasing touches of revitalizing mints - spearmint, cornmint, peppermint - grounded with a rich base note of black tea, and barely sweetened with soft vanilla.

Well-worn sweaty leather, the acrid smoke of cigarettes, and a soft side of honey and vanilla.

Swamp moss and fresh-turned earth with a ruthless heart of vetiver, and a distinguished splash of bay rum.

The Secret Of Macarger's Gulch

I had a sense of comfort, but not of security. I detected myself staring more frequently at the open doorway and blank window than I could find warrant for doing. Outside these apertures all was black, and I was unable to repress a certain feeling of apprehension as my fancy pictured the outer world and filled it with unfriendly entities, natural and supernatural -- chief among which, in their respective classes were the grizzly bear, which I knew was occasionally still seen in that region, and the ghost, which I had reason to think was not. Unfortunately, our feelings do not always respect the law of probabilities, and to me that evening, the possible and the impossible were equally disquieting.

Ambrose Bierce

Image source.

Text source.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Witchy Thing Of Beauty

Just wow.

From artist Dave Lowe.

Calling All Haunters

Magic Stone Productions and Brainstorm Media are producing an Untitled Homemade Haunted House Feature Documentary for a NBCUniversal cable network and are looking for participants.

October 31 has always been the target for mischief, monsters and – above all – FUN. But this dedication to Halloween mayhem isn’t just carried out by costumed children and prank-crazed teens. From the suburbs to the cities, there’s a tremendous world of devoted adults who spend the better part of each year transforming their homes into spine-tingling, heart-stopping Houses of Horror… or at least they give it their best shot. Beyond all the fog machines, plastic fangs, fake blood, coffins and cobwebs, there's a story about passionate die-hards who live to scare.

Click below for details:

Image source.

Thanks, Joe!

A Twitcher

Image source.

Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur

It's the first-ever pumpkin pie cream liqueur and is immediately reminiscent of homemade pumpkin pie complete with the flavors of rich vanilla, brown sugar and spices.

The hunt is on.

Some information.

Thanks, Kat!

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Skull

Always a sucker for a good skull mask, something we always seemed to be looking for back in grade school.

From Nightowl Productions.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ed told us to wait at the abandoned hospital, at the old steps of the main entrance. It was October 30th and it had been raining for the last four days. The river and all the creeks were swollen and overflowing. The water was loud and peach-colored from all the mud it was carrying. Giant tree stumps and massive logs would shoot by, surfacing and rolling over to briefly show their shiny black bark before disappearing downstream. Lord knows where they ended up. And it was still raining. Hard. And we were sick of it. We knew Halloween was going to be a wet and ruined one. So when Ed had said that Halloween would be a day early this year, we would have waited anywhere he told us to wait.

And there we were - at the old hospital. Listening to the rain streaming down onto the marble steps, onto the leaves of overgrown weeds and trees, and gurgling down broken roof tiles and spraying out over missing gutters. We weren't waiting long when we spotted Ed approaching, walking down our old bike path through the property. He was carrying something in his arms. It looked like an oversized shoe box, rounded at the ends. As he got closer, we could tell it was a wooden box, very old and worn. He placed it on one of the steps and answered our unasked questions. "It's a baby coffin!"

Ed said that the river had swallowed up the oldest part of the town cemetery and had washed away the small hills and tombstones. Caskets were being torn from the ground and he said he found his when he was riding his bike the day before. The small box had been sitting half in the water and half on the yellow centerlines of a road which was currently under the swollen banks of the river. So he scooped it up and took it home. We never knew him to lie, so we circled around the object and listened to his story. He told us the police were aware of the damage and that local farmers had reported a few large caskets which had been floating above their drowned crops. He told us he was going to show his parents the coffin, but something had stopped him. A sound.

Ed told us he heard a scratching sound from inside the casket. And that at first he thought it was probably a rat which had climbed through a small hole in the old wood to get away from the rising water. But the surface was unbroken, and the two clasp locks were still tight, corroded and now one piece with the wood of the box. When we excitedly protested, he simply told us to listen for ourselves.

At that precise moment, the rain stopped.

Image source.


Image by Guild of Mute Assassins C!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Click below for a scene from the film The Wicksboro Incident, my latest obsession:

Poster Horror