Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Hidden People

Total repost of an old favorite.

The Pilot

Session 9

Neat scene from an incredible film.

It looms up out of the woods like a dormant beast. Grand, imposing... abandoned and deteriorating, the Danvers State Mental Hospital, closed down for 15 years is about to receive 5 new visitors.

Donning protective gear, the men of the Hazmat Elimination Co. venture into the eerily vast and vacant asylum that is filled with an evil and mysterious past. Rampant patient abuse, medieval medical procedure and rumors of demonic possession are some of the many dark secrets the hospital holds - but then so do each of the men.

Dark Magic

Image by fotoanshi.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Dark Woods

Shamefully hooked on this crazy show.  As a funny review site puts it:
This season, the Hillbilly X-Files is the plot line that never ends, as the sojourn into the Dark Woods reveals further creatures and conspiracies. It's like an Appalachian Twin Peaks, with every episode adding another weird layer onto a layer cake of weirdness.

Click below for the absurd season finale trailer:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

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Armour Boys

The fight now grew more furious than ever, and proved fatal to almost all the commanders and their forces. For on Modred's side fell Cheldric, Elasius, Egbrict, and Bunignus, Saxons; Gillapatric, Gillamor, Gistafel, and Gillarius, Irish; also the Scots and Picts, with almost all their leaders; on Arthur's side, Olbrict, king of Norway; Aschillius, king of Dacia; Cador Limenic Cassibellaun, with many thousands of others, as well Britons as foreigners, that he had brought with him. And even the renowned King Arthur himself was mortally wounded; and being carried thence to the isle of Avallon to be cured of his wounds, he gave up the crown of Britain to his kinsman Constantine, the son of Cador, duke of Cornwall, in the five hundred and forty-second year of our Lord's incarnation.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Alien 3

Whenever this film is on TV, I think to myself "I hate this one for what it did to Newt and Hicks."  But then I keep it on and find myself loving every frame.
Incredible score too.

Click below for a really cool trailer:

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By Dustin O'Halloran.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Robert Zemeckis Producing Blue Book

The series follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a brilliant college professor recruited by the U.S. Air Force to spearhead this clandestine operation that researched thousands of cases, many of which were never solved. Each episode will draw from the actual files, blending UFO theories with authentic historical events from one of the most mysterious eras in United States history.

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Haunted Overload 2016

More amazing images here.

Halloween Brew

Great animated witch props by Eric Wetherington.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To Tony: I Had Such Sights To Show You

This is GREAT.
Fan photos from the Pinhead Experience...

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By Sabled Sun.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Night Crawlers

Images by Halloween Capital Haunter.

The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

Age of Resistance will be set many years before The Dark Crystal, which chronicled the journey of Jen, a Gelfling, who's tasked with repairing the Dark Crystal to prevent the evil Skeksis from ruling the planet Thra forever. In the new series, "three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis' power [and] set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world."

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By  Apocryphos, Kammarheit, and Atrium Carceri.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Old Ones

Nor is it to be thought that man is either the oldest or the last of earth’s masters, or that the common bulk of life and substances walks alone. The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them, They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.

H.P. Lovecraft

Millennium After The Millennium

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