Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Curse Of Cornstalk

Click below:

And click here for more information.


Steve Ring said...

Cool beans.

Rot said...

We just got done watching it on Netflix instant play.

2.5 hours. Pretty extensive look at the phenomena.

A highly recommended doc.

Steve Ring said...

I'll have to have it, naturally. I still have ideas how the book can be done cheaply through simple "moving comic" animation.

Have you ever considered doing a mothman prop?

Rot said...

It even featured a lot on Indrid Cold, something I've always felt deserved more attention.

I have a sketch in a pad of my version of the mothman...for a future photoshoot. I don't normally give that kind of stuff away, but I'm all hyped up on mothman tonight.

Marrow said...

I'd love to see a PumpkinRot mothman!

BTW, is that a new photoshoot you have as a header? I don't recognise the front zombie... It looks fantastic.

Rot said...

We took two props to an abandoned greenhouse this weekend.

That front zombie is a groundbreaker that'll be on the shop in August, along with a few others. I grabbed him last minute to take with us.