Monday, March 18, 2013

The Missing

An absolutely amazing Coast to Coast interview from Sunday with David Paulides.

It starts at the 41 minute mark, and it's loaded with creep-out chillsville moments.

Click below:

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girl6 said...


i am trying to listen to this & KEEP
getting interrupted...

i am going to have go away somewhere later & listen to this...

Rot said...

it's fascinating stuff.
Talking about his dealings with search and rescue units and their strange tales of dogs refusing to go any further in a search is so so creepy to me.

I hope the video stays up. The first one I posted got taken down. Fortunately other youtube users put it right back up : P

I stopped watching FINDING BIGFOOT because of this guy.

girl6 said...

i listened to this a few different
times & man ohhhh man... SCARED me dude!!!!!
...NO lie...

i was all alone each time & i got a
Bad case of the Creepies crawling up & down
my spine...brrrrrrrrr.... :(
But....<3333333333....oh man...

& Yessssss, when dogs refuse to continue on a search...brrrrrrrr

& the stories about the little ones
being snatched up, bone remains &
ohhhhh..the story about the woman
who went missing & she was found in
different clothes.... :(

i should read David Paulides books..

have you read any of his books?..

yeah, i can totally see "snake"
ruining FINDING BIGFOOT for ya too.

Seriously...i believe the facts...
what the Hell is going on??????

Rot said...

we keep saying "we're going to buy all of these books!" but I have yet to do so.
I know it'll happen soon though. I need to read ALL of those cases.

Snake totally killed finding bigfoot for me. And I'm fine with it.

I believe this guy. Something very creepy is happening. Our reality isn't what we think it is.

And that weird story about the kid seeing "robot people".. and the grandma telling the story of the spot of blood on her neck!

girl6 said...

OMG Yesssss & Yesssssss!!!!..

i live right next door to the main
branch of the Free Library...maybe,
they would have his books...
& there are other books too, mentioned in some of your other postings, i want to read..

it's very Spooky...
& something is DEFINITELY going on...

this Obsession all started when i
was like 4-5 yrs old & i tortured
my father to buy a paperback on
Yeti for me... : D
i'll save the story for some other time...

i think, we sometimes get tooo comfy cozy,
believing "we're" all there is out there...

Rot said...

i look forward to that story : )