Monday, December 1, 2014

The Wizard Of Chiswick

Been going back through old blog posts and clicking on the links that used to go to more photos of folks' Halloween displays only to find them broken/dead. 

Happy to be the one still hosting these awesome old photos.

Click below for an example:


Lady M said...

Your a survivor Rot - I am glad your still posting too! I was going through old blogs I used to follow and one was full of porn - horrors!

Rot said...


girl6 said...

awwww yeah man, i LOVE how some of the pics look like stills from old horror movies or pics from old newspaper clippings.
Fantastic stuff!!

yeah, gotta keep Beauty safe, Keep It Alive. : )

Yellow Phantom said...

There are some fantastic examples of classic Halloween rubber in action in those shots. Good stuff!