Thursday, April 16, 2015



Jay's Shadow said...

Don't know about that. I enjoy the comedy in the scream movies.

This series doesn't seem to have any comedy parts.

Steve Ring said...

Could be interesting.

girl6 said...

omg, are they supposed to be like kids!?!?...HAHAHAHA
& the houses!!!..omg
sorta has a look like "cursed"

where's jamie kennedy?
i want jamie back!!!
jamie!! jamie!! jamie!!

Sara said...

First, I agree with Jay. I enjoyed the comical elements of the movies. Also, these dudes are looking waaaaay old to be playing teens but I guess that's how it always is. Also, way too much sex and not enough of everything else.

And girl6, I agree with you,too. JAIME!

Is Wes Craven directing this? I didn't catch it but I assume he's not 'cuz this looks pretty awful.

OH! A huge pet peeve of mine in modern horror is the use of cell phone or computer technology looking like CRAP. Like, it always looks fake and kills the mood.

Now, to tell you all how I REALLY

girl6 said...

yeah man, there's a lot of horny goin on at that party!!!. i expect to see Hugh Hefner trotting by, smokin his pipe at any minute..hahahaha.

dear hollywood,
could you please trim the Horns some
& give us some good storrrrrryyyy.


Ryan said...

Scream has such potential to be a great tv series. Like Hannibal but the audience doesn't know who the killer is either.

But the fact that it's MTV...yeah. Probably not going to be very good.