Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Nun

As I watched The Conjuring 2 trailer dealing with a really neat "real" haunting event called the Enfield Poltergeist, I was horrified to see a weird nun ghost that reminded me of the vampire from Salem's Lot.  The vampire from Salem's Lot... in drag.

It seems there's a Nun spinoff in the works already.

I really am missing the gene that allows me to enjoy James Wan films.
They feel more like something that should be a Haunted Attraction Fun Ride and not a movie.

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I was going to call this post "Nunsense," but it seemed tacky.


Rot said...

"The studio and Wan had a cut of the movie, which stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as paranormal investigators, in which the antagonist was a demonic figure with horns. The studio was ready to release that version, but at the last minute Wan was struck by a revelation. And so he came up with a new concept: a demon nun, which he pitched to New Line."

Adam said...

I kinda think the thing is pretty creepy looking. Though I can see where it comes off tacky. But how could they have gone and changed the whole film to cater around a different ghost at the last minute? Isn't that just an insane amount of work?

girl6 said...

awwww!!! i am down round & by the pound for anything my little fast & the furious (#7) director does. he's sucha hard working & dedicated soul. AND i CAN'T wait to see this on the BIG screen with a barrel of buttered popcorn & a vat of ice cold coke..<333

met him at a convention, totally dug his sweet & sincere vibe. he's the real deal.<333

Willow Cove said...

we saw this the other day. Good story, creepy, but yeah. The demon nun looked too modern. A period movie should keep you in the time period with clothes and such. The nun kept reminding me that this is 2016 and not the 70's. Creepy but something you would see in a haunted house.

Mike V. said...

I see your point of saying the movie is like walking through a dark haunted house ride. But I have to say it was great. Sometimes it’s fun to go on this type of ride. It was very well done. I liked the nun a lot and believe it worked for the movie. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie yet. You do get to see the horned demon towards the end but it is a dark blurry CGI mess that didn’t need to be shown at all. Another time the spirit turns into the Crooked Man from the children’s nursery rhyme and looks too cartoonish for the movie. I have to say this ranks up there as a decent scary movie. I still think Sinister is the creepiest movie I have seen and Dark Skies is pretty freaky as well.

girl6 said...

hmmmmm...i have heard some pretty good things about the Conjuring 2 being compared to old school horror movies, in the tradition of The Exorcist etc. as for the FX, idk, i'm really going for the story & how it's going to be executed. AND i am Catholic &&&&& totally obsessed with evil nuns & priests. maybe there will be rosary beatings!! (i hope) HAHAHAHA!! i really dig Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga so i'm in!!

speaking of the Warrens...i came across some of their supernatural cases in paperback form at Barnes & Noble. i had a 20% coupon & my 10% member discount so i went with The Werewolf case installment...HAHAHAHAHHA!!! i'll see how it reads & maybe collect a few other cases. : D

Sinister 1 is SUPER Duper Deluxe Scary.. : (
Good stuff!!

Joel said...

I hate to sound like a snob...I just feel like James Wan makes the kind of horror movie that doesn't give the audience much credit. I think it's the constant jump scares and drawn-out anticipation scares. Makes them feel kinda cheap? They're fun to watch with friends, though.

The mythologizing of the Warrens also leaves a bad taste in my mouth - in reality those folks were, unfortunately, pretty merciless con artists who caused some real harm and generally preyed on gullible people. After learning more about them, the way the Conjuring paints them kinda grosses me out.

Ryan said...

Ugh, the scene where she's looking back and forth behind her and in the mirror as the nun gets closer and closer? So bad.

And I just know it's going to be parodied in one of those Haunted House or whatever movies.

girl6 said...

&&&& what is EVEN MORE disturbing than the Warrens actually being FAKERS IS that Ed Warren looked nothing like that HOTTIE Patrick Wilson. what a CRIME!!!!HAHHAHAHHA!! Damn...i love the NightOwl!!.<333

if anyone is interested in Fakery...there is a MOST Wonderful documentary by Orson Welles called F is for FAKE. it is a MUST see. the doc mainly focuses on Elmyr de Hory BUT...i think the main moral of the story, the point that Orson was making is that...People WANT Fakery so much so sometimes to the point that they would rather have the Fake than any original, even when they are told upfront & are able to choose between the two. Bravo Orson B R A V O!!. : )

i am a snob tho.hahahhahahah.. :)

p.s...movies like this will bring interest to the Warrens, which will then make some people want to read up on them & see what they're REALLY like. so that's a good thing. dag man...this shit tickles me!!! HAHAHHAHA!!!

girl6 said...

just think Ed Warrren & Mr. Disney are both in heaven right now!!
losers man losers. & i type this as i read the Werewolf incident by the Warrens.

Gwen Grimm said...

Looks like marilyn manson to me. In fact I'm pretty sure he wears a costume simmler to that in his Sweet Dreams vidoe.

Señor Scary said...

James Wan is a special kind of director. I love his very old school vibe meets modern film approach. His supernatural storytelling is infused with 70s melodrama horror were the subtleties and "offstage" terror meet prolonged dread, exposition and character development. Dead Silence and Insidious should have been made in the 70s, and Conjuring was actually set in the 70s. By the 80s, horror films had changed into something much more extravagant and exaggerated. More blood! More practical effects! More jump scares! I grew up in this period and preferred this kind of filmmaking. It was only in more recent years that I’ve gone back to the 70s horror films and even read several 70s horror novels (Hell House by Richard Matheson sums it up well) that I began to remotely appreciate the aesthetic. Frankly, I’m sort of surprised that audiences are responding at all to Conjuring 2. It’s so long and requires an exhausting patience from the audience. And apparently its scary enough to give that poor man in India a heart attack.* (*Yes, nowadays there’s always the possibility that it was a marketing ploy.)

Mr Black said...

I very much agree, but I love to see my girlfriend scream and squirm, so we go anyway.

The Gill-Man said...

The nun DOES make sense in the narrative of the film though, in that it is a demon taking that form to mock the Warrens and their Catholic faith. I thought it was an effective horror movie, even with the liberties taken with the story it's based on.

I found it kind of amusing that many folks were saying the crooked man in the film was "too CGI", when actually it was actor Javier Bodet performing that part. Since he has Marfans syndrome, as is double-jointed, his unnatural movements lead most to think he's nothing more than a special effect!

girl6 said...

we saw it!!!!!. last night..the 10:45 show & man, it was SO totally worth it. we were talking about it on the way home & we totally thought it had that old school haunting of hell house meets like some japanese horror from the 90's &&&&& i felt a strong fulci love (the beyond) too & all of this without ripping anything off or being a serial copier (i'm soooooo tired of people copying other people & calling it a homage or whatnot..influence & copying..such a fine line). oh & wan is from the pan pacific so i would love to know how much that has played into his work. i know shirley jackson would approve.

conjuring 2...the sets are OMG SO beautiful. just love, pure love!! the very opening of the movie..that image alone was worth the price of admission. it was the MOST perfect snap of a house in the 70's. wish i had a photo of thumbtack on my my wall, so i could smile & sigh each time i glanced at it.

the audience CLAPPED at the end. made me happy, we clapped too. i appreciate that james wan is being loyal to his horror roots & not trying to phase out directing horror movies, like so many directors do when they become successful. all of a sudden they're too good.

i even felt a haunted charles dickens kinda vibe in the movie too & not just because it was set at christmas. gahhhhhhh...i LOVED it. : )