Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Springwood Slasher

Wow.  This guy practically IS Freddy Krueger.
Owning this getup would be way too much fun on Halloween night.

More images here.


Jeff said...

Saw a recommendation earlier about a YouTube series Krueger: Tales of Elm Street and it's star Roberto Lombardi. With the scattered talk of another reboot I thought I'd check it out at some point.

girl6 said...

this pic IS SO Halloween!!!! LOVE all the beautiful lush green & (i think) dandelions!!!!! dandelions are SO beautiful..SO Halloween & will FOREVER remind me of Mr. Ray Bradbury!!...sigh

screaminscott said...

I would love this costume, but I bet none of the kids would recognize it!

Rot said...

God, that's a depressing concept.
I take for granted that kids would know who this character is, but you're absolutely right.
This must have been how my parents felt when they would speak of their favorite movies..and actors whom I never heard of.