Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wheelchair Accessible

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K.O. said...

I love this image!! And it reminds me of a super scary memory that I'd forgotten. One night when I was about 12, I spent the night at my friend Tracy's house. Her mom, a single parent, was a "cool mom"...super lenient, basically left us alone and unsupervised. They lived in an apartment complex with a pool.
On this particular night, at about 1:00 AM, Tracy and I decided to sneak over to the complex pool for a nighttime swim. But as soon as we got to the fence surrounding the pool, we froze in our tracks. In the darkness, right near the edge of the water, was an empty wheelchair, just sitting there. And nobody was in the pool or anywhere nearby, and it was way after the approved swimming hours.
I'm pretty sure we squealed. Then we turned around and ran back to her apartment like we were running for our lives.

Rot said...

Thanks for sharing that!

girl6 said...

HHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! & a Big Wheel to boot..well, sorta of. : D
hey, this is sorta like, "it follows"...brrrrrrrrr & funny at the same time & that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish. LOVE it!!!..<3