Tuesday, September 12, 2017




girl6 said...

Rosemary Woodhouse..Oh God!!!!!!!!!
my favourite movie of ALL time. i have been hoping for soooooo long that you would do a Rosemary's Baby post sometime. thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!! : )
mia farrow so lovely..john cassavetes so gorgeous..ruth gordon HAHAHAAHA Love her!!!!..the beautiful apartment footage..i eat it all up with a spoon every time like it's the first time. soooo much gah!!!

i LOVE Full Circle/Haunting of Julia too. so many similarities between Rosemary & Julia. but honestly, i really dig how Rosemary decides that she's not going to be a victim any longer & sorta takes control of a desperate situation. she's done with Guy & decides to embrace (literally & figuratively) her devil child. hahahaha. both ladies are delicate fleurs but Rosemary's got that..edge. she's a fighter. every time i watch Full Circle i always hope it's going to end differently. i want to save Julia from herself mainly. her demise is so sad. i keep hoping something's going to change.

these fan vids are always so great. the first thing i thought too, when i saw the trailer for "Mother" was how it really had that Rosemary's Baby vibe!!! "Get Out" felt like that too along with some Stepford Wives" mixed in. i'm really looking forward to seeing Mother. Javier Bardem is sucha fave of mine, he's sooooo Good!!!!

this dude did a GREAT job with this vid. perfect splicing of the 2 movies.

girl6 said...

i'm addicted to this dude's trailer. hahahaa
just saw Rosemary's yellow stripey pillowcases for the 1000000th time.