Saturday, January 13, 2018

Production Begins On The New Halloween Film

Mixed feelings on the next HALLOWEEN film, but I thought this design was REALLY cool.


Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

As with any remake, reboot or sequel to a classic I will try to keep an open mind and avoid the hype, but deep down inside I'm really not expecting a whole lot. Hope they prove me wrong.

Jay's Shadow said...

Well, at least John Carpenter will be there during the making of this movie. So here’s hoping he doesn’t allow the movie to be ruined.

Pumpkin5 said...

Didn't they already remake the movie Halloween? What's this, a do-over? :(

Rot said...

Based on what i've read, it seems this is a do-over of Halloween: H20


girl6 said...

i think i got sucked into that whole thing of beating up on someone wanting to do a remake or whatnot of movies, tv shows, etc. i mean it would BE preferable if the studios made NEW movies, cause, i imagine we lose out on some great projects that we'll NEVER know anything about. Remakes etc don't ever take away from or erase the original. Look at the movie "IT"..sorry, but, the remake is better than the original. Tim Curry is STILL perfect tho. & Bill Skarsgard IS also Wonderful!!

i don't know why we should feel threatened by these projects. if it doesn't work out, so what. don't Haunters also become inspired by movies, art, vintage images, pop icons, etc & try to incorporate what they love into their haunts as well. there's nothing wrong with that.

i try & remember that remakes are made outta LOVE. that's all, just love. my favourite movie of ALL time i think is "Rosemary's Baby" & Zoe Saldana remade it & i wasn't very happy about it. But, i realize where she was coming from now. it's ok. & she did do it with love, cause she loves the movie so much. so what can i really complain about. the Original is STILL my favourite.

if i want to watch a modern movie with a Rosemary Woodhouse vibe, i'll watch "Lords of Salem" &&&&..there's like, even sorta like, a happy reversal in Rob's film. in "Lords of Salem"..Herman doesn't sellout Heidi, he protects her to the end. while in "Rosemary"s Baby..Guy totally does sellout Rosemary.

&..sometimes i think remakes slip under the attack radar a little bit more because they go by different titles & don't claim to be actual remakes..while they actually are remakes. like Guillermo's "The Shape of Water" is def a remake of "Creature from the Black Lagoon" how much more classic that you get than the Universal Monsters line? AND I AM SO GLAD that "The Shape of Water" was made.

Jon Kenneth Muir's positivity HAS inspired me SO MUCH. i'm going to give everything a chance, even if it turns out to be..not that good in the end.

girl6 said...

Ohhhhhhh...& as for this Halloween version (vision) coming out.
maybe, this will be a chance for some loose ends to be tied up? idk.
i'm REALLY excited tho & JC is sorta involved as well.. : )

Sara said...

Just had a long discussion with my brother about this film. I won’t post my thoughts here. I’m hoping for the best but know it will never surpass the original.

girl6 said...

Rot..i'll leave this link for you here. i didn't want to junk up your emails.

thought you really might be interested in this, if you haven't seen it already. it's a NEW movie 2016/2017. (horror comedy..female director) it's a throwback to late 60's early 70's witch films. has some Giallo & Hammer elements thrown in too but set in modern day. it's been called Brilliant & it really is. & you should see, what she puts in HER witches bottles. : D

Rot said...

Thanks for that as I've heard GREAT things about it and loved the trailer...felt JUST like an old film...I was surprised at how precise it was to that time period..


The Gill-Man said...

From what I understand, this flick basically ignores ALL the films but the original. The director stated he always was annoyed with the whole "Laurie is Michael's sister" angle, so he wanted to go back to the feeling of the first. Not sure how I feel about that, to be honest. H2 is a favorite sequel, and ignoring it just seems...wrong! Still, Carpenter is involved (if nothing else, the score will be amazing!), and JLC returning bodes well.