Monday, June 3, 2024

Bube's, Beer, And Ghosts

Established in 1876 by German immigrant Alois Bube, Bube's Brewery (pronounced boo-bees) in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania has something that sets it apart from most breweries - a catacomb...  a big dark creepy catacomb, 43 feet underground.  Initially used to store beer, the catacombs are now used for dining.  We ordered some drinks and took a tour of the incredible cellar.  The massive wooden distilling barrels still stand down there, each with their original timber from the 1800's.  Bube died suddenly onsite at the brewery in 1908.  He was 57 years old.  The tour guide mentioned the possibility of a haunting, which the brewery plays up in their ghost tours and paranormal investigations.  

As we finished our drinks at the bar, we asked a server if she knew of any spooky goings on and she told us about a shot glass that flew quickly off the bar, and how one time the restroom door locked from the inside, requiring the door to be removed from the hinges.  They found no one inside.

We will definitely be heading back to dine in the shadowy catacombs.  
Below are some photos that we took.


MR. Macabre said...

That place is 'frickn cool, especially all the stone work they had to do.

Revenant Manor said...

That looks and sounds amazing.

Of course, now I want to live above some catacombs.

Haunted Eve said...

OMG that place looks so awesome! It reminds me of the catacombs from the tango scene in Addams Family Values.