Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 Teaser

Going to bed. Had to do a quick scan of the photos to see how they turned out and I'm happy to report they look great. I'll be posting some pics this weekend on the blog and then I'll build the 2008 haunt page on my site this week.

It was a great night with a good turnout of kids. Many refused to come up for candy and a few kids even cried.



woofboy111 said...

Good to hear you had a decent turnout.

I had a grand total of TEN kids and six parents come trick-or-treating. That's down from over 100 kids collecting candy last year.

It was very strange Halloween, almost as if nobody else was celebrating this year except for me. With Halloween on a Friday night, I was expecting more trick or treaters than normal, but apparently not. In my neighborhood of about 80 houses, there were less than 15 houses that had their lights on offering candy. None of the other houses that normally put up decorations did anything.

I thought it was maybe just my neighborhood, but a younger sibling tried to go trick or treating in a local "rich" neighborhood that is famous for giving out full size candy bars. THey were the only ones out, and again, hardly any of the houses were offering candy.

The local police station haunted house didn't happen either, for the first time in the 17 years I've been living here.

I don't get why Halloween seems to have been forgotten this year around where I live, but I'm glad to hear it's not like this elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!

Ashley said...

I'm with Woofboy111, for some reason our turnout this year was about half of what it was last year. We too thought that being Friday there would be tons of kids this year and really stocked up on candy and now we have an entire bucket left over. Theres one other house in our neighborhood that decorates and thats it but I think in the past most houses still handed out treats even if they hadnt decorated...not sure if they did or not this year. It was disappointing when the trick or treating seemed to stall around 8:00 at our place.

JHMDF said...

Well...I cant wait for the pics! Sorry to hear about other people not having a great Halloween. We had between 50 and 75 kids come by, and a ton of parents and neighbors. It was great because I put about 50 hours into all the work I did setting up the haunt and we had a lot of great complements!!

Anonymous said...

i dont get any ToTer's but i still decorate outside. i really need to move to a different neighborhood.(neighbors on this block are a bunch of idiots anyways)they all probably think i'm nuts because how my house looks on halloween! even my truck gets decorated!

Rot said...

I wouldn't change a thing with my haunt if only one kid showed up for candy. I totally do it for me. And for Halloween.

But I can totally see why someone would get bummed out putting so much work into a display and having a low turn-out.

I'm just greedy and do it so I can feel like a giddy little kid on Halloween night.

Unknown said...

Yeah, my neighborhood has always been the way some of you guys are describing. I've always gotten exactly two knocks every halloween for as long as I've been living here.

I had let it get me down, and did very little decorating for the first 4 years or so, but eventually decided to just do it for me.

Now some of these years I leave the display running but go somewhere else where Halloween is actually being enjoyed. There's an event in MD near DC called "Scary Perry" where they literally have a few THOUSAND kids come through. The whole street decorates and people come from all around. It's a little bit of a drive for me, but it's fun.

But the new thing I heard of recently is "Trick or Trunk", where the kids do the TOTing in a school parking lot, and all the parents bring candy in the car trunks. It angers me to think that people are so paranoid that they think this is somehow any different and more safe than doing regular TOTing with their neighbors! And why exclude all the families with kids in different age brackets, or who don't have kids, or whose kids are all grown up!

Halloween is very much a community-building holiday, and I think people really miss out when they encourage the mall-TOTing and parking lot TOTing.


Nev said...

The last picture in this blog is killer. nice shot.