Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I remember trick or treating like it was yesterday. I was thinking about all the horrible things that houses tossed in your bag that had no right to be anywhere near Halloween night. Probably the worst possible items were (in order of horribleness):
1. Raisins.
2. Pencils.
3. Pennies.

I never seemed to see who the culprits were that felt the need to throw horrible crap in my bag. Which probably means they were doing it covertly - reaching their closed fist into the bag to conceal their sick crime. Their hands opening secretly to drop dried hard grapes or dirty-metal-smelling pennies, or ugly school utensils into a pile of heavenly candy. This clearly proves people who give out such things KNOW they're doing something wrong.

They should have left the porch light off.


Grim said...

Ah, I hated raisins. I wonder who thought that would be a good idea anyway?

Some other ones I never even tried just because I thought they would be gross were those ones that came in the orange or black wrappers. No name on them and I still don't know what they are called. They might be delicious, but I just couldn't bring myself to find out when I had so much other good stuff in my bag.

Rot said...

I remember those things. They tasted like stale versions of Mary Janes. Hated them. They look really cool, but I only tried one once. That was enough for a lifetime.

Grim said...

I like the kids who come up now and watch very carefully as you put the candy in their bag. Some of them even open up the bag and look into it for a second if they didn't catch what went into it. I want to say "I know what you're thinking!". I always make sure we only pass out the good stuff, partly because I am scrounging through it on the days leading up to Halloween, and I still remember all that horrible stuff that was sometimes passed out when I was a kid.

halloween824 said...

I remember the evil heavy pennies well. If you were not tall enough and your paper trick or treat bag sometimes dragged on the damp lawn, the heavy pennies ripped through the wet bag, leaving a trail of candy as you walked.

I always give out those smaller treat bags filled with various types of candy since those were my favorite thing to receive as a kid.

Each year when I hand these out, there is always at least one child who is barely old enough to trick or treat. They usually carry a small plastic pumpkin to collect treats. This year, when I put the bag into his pumpkin, the weight of the treat bag caused him to fall over, it was like a cartoon!

Jon Glassett said...

This kind of nonsense is why we only give out either full-size or king-sized candy bars.

suzanne said...

I think the candy in the orange and black wrappers are called molasses kisses. I don't know anyone who likes those, including me!

Anonymous said...

oeople still hand out those things.pens,pencils,etc. the one area we go to give out the big candy bars though(and since i was in costume i even got candy!)
one house was owned by the v.p. of kuntzler and he was grilling hotdogs to give out to the parents

Holy Tarra said...

You guys kill me! So funny remembering those things. We had some people that used to give out apples...that was always pretty lunch material.
Your stories made me remember one house we used to go to. This little old couple in thier seventies lived in this beautiful litte bungalo built in the forties...very Hansel and Gretel with a high pitched roof. They would invite you into thier living room where they had laid out a banquet table with bowls of every kind of candy you could think of...ok...maybe not every kind but a very impressive spread. It was Trick or Treater's heaven...too good to be true. Thinking back on it now...I wonder if anyone was ever asked to check to see if the oven was hot. I don't recall any unusual cooking smells coming from the kitchen.

The Captain said...

I remember getting a single unshelled walnut from some women in my neighborhood that I had never seen before or after that night. What the hell was she thinking? For one, I still to this day hate walnuts, but personal preferences aside. Who gives a little kid an unshelled nut? I'll tell you what, we had those suckers out of their shells before we hit the sidewalk! As soon as her door shut we all smashed those walnuts on her walkway and ran off laughing and cursing the stupid walnut lady! Funny the things and moments you remember from your childhood. Raisins suck!

I remember those orange and black wax paper wrapped candies! I thought they tasted like peanut butter? We give out small bags of candy and trinkets to the kids we know and a handful to the kids we don’t know. Our right next door neighbors have two boys who have never been home to trick r treat from us, but the stopped by before going to “the good neighborhoods” and when my wife produce the candy bags and dropped them in their bags the smaller of the two boys yelled “Jackpot” and did a little first pump and his brother just said “Whoa!” So I guess we are one of the “good houses”!

woofboy111 said...

Am I the only one that liked it when people dropped coins into my bag? Pencils and raisins were horrible, but I always liked the money.

Maybe I was just a weird little kid.

Unknown said...

The orange and black candies. Do you mean these?

I have such nostalgia with these, and really like them now, as long as they're not stale. As a kid, I used to hate them, because they were ALWAYS stale. And my family always had them to give out.

But because I grew up with them, and kinda like them now, Halloween just isn't the same without them.

Nev said...

I love molasses kisses!! And candy corn!! Every year I buy myself a bag of each. I love em. I got a pack of tartar sauce one year. Their light was off so I guess I deserved it.