Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old School Colors

Was thinking about how neat it'd be to do a yard haunt in old-school fashion. A love-letter to all the things I loved as a kid. But with a darker twist so it would still have a nice creepy feeling to it.

A rubber-masked dummy in a chair looking more like a dead body than a stuffed pile of clothes, pumpkin-headed ghosts, tree ghosts with skeletal torsos, a yard of cross gravemarkers, spider webs, hanging skulls, and a few strings of flashing lights.
Every year I decide on a particular flood light color for my display. Last year it was amber. It was blue for the Hollowmen, and green for the Ghost Dead. I'm thinking the perfect color combination for an old school haunt would be blue and red.
I think this amazing photo from sums it up perfectly.



Since watching Trick-R-Treat (numerous times) my mind has been spinning on how to get my hands on a old decapitated school bus.
Oh yeah, and where to store it 11 months out of the year.

Sara said...

Sounds like a freaking AWESOME idea. So is this your 2011 idea???:)

Rot said...

Perhaps : )

Anonymous said...

I can definitely see you doing an old school haunt.

Wren said...


Rot said...

Funny that I only got around to using blue and red in my 2021 Haunt!