Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Trying to figure out if that's a turnip jack o'lantern. If so, it looks to be a little more carve-friendly than the brick-hard purple ones in the supermarket.

Image source.

I love how the roots are left on.


~Scout~ said...

I love the roots! That would look cool hanging from trees!

Smilodonna said...

I was a bit incredulous as I've never seen a turnip that looks like that (with almost pumpkin-like ridges and furrows seemingly running longitudinally), but I found an image that looks a heck of a lot like that one, still mostly in the ground:

You'd think with how much I love jacks that I would be more familiar with the veg that started the tradition. Yeah, the roots are great, and I'm digging the long cord suspending it, too.