Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Some really great apple heads in this video. Martha mentions how an earlier batch of apples wasn't treated with salt and lemon juice during the drying process and therefore ended up ruined by mold. I'd hate to be the guy that forgot that step. He's probably unemployed now (or worse).

Martha, I kid. I kid.


Vintage Seance said...

I love Martha, she's got such great ideas. But it's also hilarious because she can make such backhanded comments or be really cold to people sometimes. She cracks me up!

Rot said...

I feel the same way.

I watched an old Halloween show a year ago. I think it was just a bunch of Halloween segments from her show over the years. Whenever there were kids in a segment, it seemed she was so annoyed by their presence. Icy and mother superior-ish.

Rot said...

That said, I still have all her October/Halloween issues in a sacred place in the house.

Sara said...

I'm telling Martha on you guys.

On her 2009 Halloween episode she was basically like, "Shut up and work!" to the assistant who was trying to make her a bird mask. LOL. It makes for very awkward "I must change the channel right now because I am embarrassed for him" viewing.

But then I watched her on the Today Show like a week ago and they must be *pretty* chummy with her. Meredith was really snotty to Martha, joking I guess, and she just stood there and took it. I kept cringing, waiting for the Martha Rage. Never came.

THEN there was this time she described having tweleve little girls over for tea at her house and she said told the girls that no matter what-DON'T pick these certain flowers. Well they did, and those little girls were never heard from again.......

Rot said...

So funny.
That's great.

And scary. : )

Anonymous said...

Love Martha's Halloween ideas and the stuff she sells....I used to be embarrassed to say that, but now I see I'm in good company. It's so obvious how much she loves Halloween and she does it so grand.