Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Powerhouse Props

Some really cool props from assorted haunted attractions.


MorbidMariah said...

Wow, these really are some incredible looking props!

Unknown said...

Ha! Photo #2 (the gargoyle) isn't a prop - that's a Netherworld made-up character! :)

Rot said...

That's NUTS!
That is an AMAZING costume.


Thanks, man!

Unknown said...

More Netherworld costume/prop awesomeness: http://www.fearworld.com/gallery.php

Most of these photos came from http://wildammo.com/2010/10/27/the-13-scariest-haunted-houses-in-america/ , yes?

Poke around on Google Image Search for Ben Armstrong / Netherworld costume photos - characters include Harvest Man, Gargoyle, Frank N. Stein, Dr. Speculo, The Collector and others. They are, quite simply, some of THE best custom costumes / make up jobs in the haunt industry.