Monday, January 10, 2011

The Fog Horn

OUT there in the cold water, far from land, we waited every night for the coming of the fog, and it came, and we oiled the brass machinery and lit the fog light up in the stone tower. Feeling like two birds in the grey sky, McDunn and I sent the light touching out, red, then white, then red again, to eye the lonely ships. And if they did not see our light, then there was always our Voice, the great deep cry of our Fog Horn shuddering through the rags of mist to startle the gulls away like decks of scattered cards and make the waves turn high and foam.

Image by stevendontsurf.

Read Ray Bradbury's short story The Fog Horn here.


K.O. said...

I love that beautiful, sad story! Thanks for sharing a link to it; I haven't read it in a while.